I am in the process of hiring a contractor to install a pool at my home. I have a long driveway, about 350 ft (100 m) and the pool will be constructed behind my house. The contractor wants to remove a substantial amount of plantings to allow the shotcrete truck to get closer to the pool area. How far can you reasonably pump shotcrete horizontally and what type/brand pump would be needed?

Shotcrete placement conveys concrete materials through a delivery line that [...]

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We are working on a design-build project located in southern California of which the perimeter walls of the underground parking structure are planned to be shotcrete. Do you recommend any particular ACI publication that would be applicable to the shotcrete operation or does ASA have their own publications, similar to ACI, that are more appropriate to shotcreting?

ACI Committee 506 is the technical committee responsible for creating [...]

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