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Education Session

An Education session must be taken by all participants except those that have already participated in an ASA Education session and are now retesting or recertifying.
ASA recommends a full day Education Session.

Full Day Session

First Time Certification

Nozzlemen seeking certification for the first time must submit 500 hours of documented nozzleman experience before they will be allowed to participate in an exam.


Two options are available for nozzleman seeking recertification:

  • Pass the applicable performance exam(s) and pass the written exam. No work experience documentation is required under this option.
  • Pass the applicable performance exam(s) and Submit 1000 hours of documented nozzleman experience for the two years immediately prior to seeking recertification. No written exam is required under this option.


Current applicants requiring retesting on a failed exam.

Exam Options

Exam Options

Vertical Performance Exam

Overhead Performance Exam

Written Performance Exam

Required Special Accommodations

Examinee(s) will require oral testing for written exam
If you have a examinee with a disability that may impact their participation in this activity, please include below a statement regarding your disability-related needs. You will be contacted prior to the program to discuss accommodations. We cannot assure the availability of appropriate accommodations without prior written notification of need.

Note: Certification in the overhead position requires successful completion of both the vertical and overhead performance exams.

Please contact ASA at 248.983.1702 with any questions regarding this form or the education/certification program in general.