• ACI Wet-Mix Shotcreter Certification
  • ACI Dry-Mix Shotcreter  Certification

Shotcrete Inspector

  • ACI Shotcrete Inspector Certification
  • ASA Pool Certificate (for Pool Builders)

Contractor Qualification

  • ASA Qualified Contractor (Level I or II)
  • ASA Qualified Pool Contractor (for self-performing)

Code of Conduct

An ASA Qualified Shotcrete Contractor shall adhere to the following Code of Conduct: “As an ASA Qualified Shotcrete Contractor, we agree to ongoing compliance with the requirements and standards set forth in the ASA Shotcrete Contractor Qualification Program description. We will not knowingly or purposefully violate any project specifications or requirements. We agree to maintain required insurance coverage, staff our projects with trained and certified personnel, and strive to produce a high-quality product in a safe and professional manner.”