It appears you are talking about a nozzleman who has not been pre-qualified by shooting a mockup panel on a specific project. There is no official ASA or ACI document that addresses this issue. However, this situation is similar to what ACI guidance provides regarding ACI-certified Shotcrete Nozzlemen and Nozzlemen-in-training. ACI’s Certification Program Policy for Shotcrete Nozzleman and Nozzleman-In-Training Section 1.04 states: “ACI Shotcrete Nozzleman-In-Training (NIT) certification is available to applicants who do not possess 500 hours of work experience but do possess a minimum of 25 hours of hand nozzling work experience in the process being sought (vertical orientation only). The examiner of record may require an ACI-certified nozzleman to be present during the performance exam; however, the ACI-certified nozzleman’s interaction with the examinee is strictly limited to the safety of the shooting operation.”