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Has your company completed an interesting project, introduced a new service or product, or have other news that the shotcrete industry should know about? Then become an author in Shotcrete magazine.

Deadlines for Submission

1st Quarter | 2023
Top 25 Articles of ASA – Part II
December 15, 2022
2nd Quarter | 2023
Outstanding Shotcrete Project Awards
February 15, 2023
3rd Quarter | 2023
May 15, 2023
4th Quarter | 2023
Recreational Projects
August 15, 2023

About Shotcrete magazine

Shotcrete is a quarterly magazine published by the American Shotcrete Association (ASA) and is designed primarily for promotion of the shotcrete process. Present controlled circulation is approximately 17,000 copies and readership includes engineers, contractors, facility owners, manufacturers, distributors, educators, and public agencies involved in the shotcrete industry across 100 countries.

Topics cover all areas of shotcrete such as buildings, parking structures, bridges, rehabilitation, materials selection, and methods. Each issue has a central theme; however, other topics are also featured in each issue. With rare exceptions, specific product names are not mentioned in articles. The publications committee and an ad-hoc technical advisory group review and approve all material before publication.

ASA encourages you to submit material for the following issue items:

  • Feature articles and Project reports (minimum of four per issue)
  • Sustaining Corporate Member Profile (offered to Sustaining Corporate Members of ASA) – View PDF
  • Corporate Member Profile (offered to Corporate Members of ASA) – View PDF
  • New Products & Processes – View PDF
  • Shotcrete Corner
  • Technical Tip
  • Industry News – View PDF
  • Safety Shooter
  • Pool & Recreational Shotcrete Corner
  • Goin’ Underground
  • Contractors Corner

What to include when submitting materials for a feature article, Shotcrete Corner, or Technical Tip:

  • Article text (average article length is 1500 to 2000 and project report length is 800 to 1000 words)
  • Four or more illustrations preferred (photos, tables, charts, drawing details, etc.)
  • Measurements (including length, weight, volume, area, speed, etc.) must be in U.S. units followed by metric conversion in parentheses
  • Temperature must be in degrees Fahrenheit followed by degrees Celsius in parentheses
  • Full references (if appropriate), properly formatted (see below for link to reference examples)
  • Captions for each illustration
  • Short author biography
  • Author photo (if available)

What to include when submitting materials for New Products & Processes:

  • Article text (average length is 200 to 250 words)
  • One photo illustration

What to include when submitting materials for Sustaining Corporate or Corporate Member Profile:

  • Article text (average length is 500 words, although there is no minimum or maximum)
  • Photo(s) to accompany profile
  • Up to two pages of content
  • Company logo and contact information

What to include when submitting materials for Industry News:

  • Article text (average length is 100 to 250 words, although there is no minimum or maximum)
  • Photo to accompany article

How to submit material:

Please e-mail article text, autobiography text, and caption text as a Microsoft Word document.

High-resolution digital images can be submitted via e-mail or disc. Images should be a minimum of 300 dpi, preferably sized at a minimum of 4 x 6 in. for general photos and at 1-14 x 1-34 in. for author photos. Line art should be TIFF, JPEG, or EPS files. Glossy photographic prints and/or 35 mm slides are also accepted, and can be returned if requested. We do not accept color inkjet printouts or color copies of photos. We also do not accept embedded graphics unless they are 300 dpi at 4 x 6 in.

Where to submit material:

Tosha Holden, Managing Editor

American Shotcrete Association
401 Edgewater Place, Suite 600 | Wakefield, MA 01880

[email protected]
Phone/Fax: (248) 983-1712

Did you know you can order reprints of your article, project report, or company profile?

If your company’s project is featured in an article in Shotcrete, the marketing value of that article can be extended by contracting with our design department to create a professional reprint that can be used to market your company for years to come. Options include reprinting the magazine cover, adding your own advertisements, corporate logos, and contact information. To obtain a quote on reprinting your article, fill out and fax in the Reprint Quote Form.

Please submit a point of contact e-mail address for correspondence and a mailing address to send additional copies of the magazine when submitting this material.


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