The ASA Contractor Qualification Program (CQP) is a straight-forward program that helps to establish a shotcrete contractor’s qualifications through review of the contractor’s work, by the ASA Contractor’s Qualification Review committee, whose members have extensive experience in successful shotcrete work. This qualification program provides a distinct service to the industry by assuring specifiers that shotcrete contractors reviewed here have a proven record for completion of successful projects of similar work and scope.

This qualification program is based on the ASA Board position paper “Qualifications of the Shotcrete Construction Team.” ASA’s CQP will evaluate these checklist items that help to quantify a contractor’s shotcrete experience. ASA has shotcrete experts (contractors, engineers, suppliers, and educators) who will review and verify contractor submittals in all these check-listed areas. Members of the Contractor Qualification Committee (CQC) will also talk with the contractor and key personnel to verify the provided information, as well as checking with all the supplied project references.

ASA administers the Shotcrete Contractor Qualification as a review service for shotcrete contractors. The CQC reviews the Contractor Qualification (CQ) Application for contractor’s seeking qualification. The contractor must specify the level of qualification (Level I or Level II) they are pursuing. The CQC reviews the materials submitted in the Application. Upon completion of the review the CQC would provide the Contractor a certificate or letter of qualification in either the Level I or Level II categories.

Specifiers are encouraged to require the ASA Shotcrete Contractor Qualification for their specific projects, selecting the appropriate level of qualification based on the difficulty of application. Qualified Contractors will be posted on the ASA website and promoted in Shotcrete magazine and at the various venues where ASA is represented.