The American Shotcrete Association (ASA) offers a wide range of products and services. These items are tailored for use by three general types of users.

  • Those working directly in the shotcrete industry such as Contractors, Nozzlemen, Equipment & Material suppliers, etc…
    • ASA offers a wide range of informational and guidance resources, as well as opportunities for formal Education and Certification.
  • Those in private industry who do not work directly in the shotcrete industry, but who may specify the shotcrete process and / or have need of a better understanding of the shotcrete process. This group includes Owners, Architects, Engineers, etc…
    • ASA offers not only educational resources, including direct and in-house, but also offers a number of free tools designed to provide access to the leading shotcrete professionals in the industry.
  • Similar to users in Group 2, but specifically those in public agencies.
    • In addition to the resources for group 2, ASA offers a complimentary membership to Public Agency Personnel in the US or Canada which includes a collection of informational resources and services.

If you are not able to find answers to your questions on this web site, please contact ASA staff at
248.963.0210 or [email protected].