Welcome to the Beede Center

The Beede Center is located in Concord, MA. This state-of-the-art swimming facility was constructed by Thoughtforms Corporation of Concord, MA;

Vanishing Edge Pool

Upon our first meeting with the clients, I could sense that this was going to be an exciting installation.

Cement-Based Products in the Landscape

While installing sprinklers, plants, and sod may be staples for many residential landscaping companies, higher-end clients now demand hardscapes that include water features,

Bad Benchmarks

For years, says structural engineer Ron Lacher, pool builders have experienced failures of steps and benches in their shotcrete swimming pools much too frequently.

Complex Pools – My Perspective

As a watershape designer and contractor, we have had the benefit of international accolades for years from both the pool and spa trade and consumer editorial press.

How Dense Are You?

Webster?s Dictionary provides three basic definitions for ?denseness?: