Shotcrete is a method of placing concrete and the characteristics of shotcrete are those of cast concrete. Although the enclosed swimming pool will increase the interior humidity, the high humidity should have no detrimental effects on the exposed shotcrete, and may even be beneficial in reducing long-term drying shrinkage of the wall.
Both cast-in-place and shotcreted concrete are commonly used for construction of water tanks with constant exposure to water under significant hydraulic pressure. Using good construction techniques with good-quality concrete to build the tank’s walls produces walls with no moisture evident on the exterior face of the tanks. Simply having a high-humidity atmosphere is a much less severe exposure and should not result in interior air moisture being transmitted into and through the shotcrete wall. Any coatings considered for aesthetics should follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for drying time of concrete before application. If there is a concern about the permeability of the shotcrete wall, a premium shotcrete mixture including silica fume might prevent some issues on this application.