Shotcrete is a placement method for concrete. When the pool shotcrete contractor uses quality materials, properly sized and maintained equipment, and experienced crew members, the shotcreted pool shell should be watertight. Proper shotcrete application would also not exhibit voids, honeycomb, or major seepage through the pool shell. Before replastering, the pool shell should be evaluated and all defects (voids, cracks, porous sections, deep holes, and so on) repaired using industry-standard methods and materials. You may consider retaining a professional engineer or experienced pool consultant to evaluate the pool shell and make specific recommendations on the appropriate repair for your specific issues. You can use our Buyers Guide ( to locate consultants in your area. You also may want to review our pool-specific Position Statements on our website at The “Watertight Shotcrete for Swimming Pools” would be particularly informative for you to assist in discussions with your pool contractor.