The International Building Code (IBC), Section 1913, allows for larger bars as long as it is demonstrated in a Preconstruction Test Panel. However, the Local Building Code likely takes precedence over the IBC. You may want to present IBC Section 1913, which requires anything over a No. 5 (No. 16) bar to be proven in a Preconstruction Test Panel.
There have been many projects shot in Los Angeles County subject to the LADBS with bar sizes larger than No. 8 bars. ASA is not in a position to give you project references, but perhaps our local members can.
Properly encasing No. 10 (No. 32) bars can be challenging, and should only be attempted by qualified contractors using ACI Certified Nozzlemen who have previous successful experience doing this type of work. You may use our online Buyers Guide to find an ASA corporate member consultant or contractor to assist you.