Shotcrete is a placement method for concrete. It is routinely used to strengthen existing masonry or concrete walls. The 5 in. thickness can be easily achieved with either dry-mix or wet-mix shotcrete. If using dry-mix, you may want to review available prepackaged bagged dry concrete materials. A comprehensive listing of our ASA member companies supplying bagged dry concrete materials can be found in our online Buyers Guide. If using wet-mix, the local concrete supplier should be able to provide concrete mixture designs that will achieve the 4000 psi compressive strength requirement. Dry-mix and wet-mix processes use different equipment and skills of nozzlemen are somewhat different. We encourage requiring use of an ACI-certified shotcrete nozzlemen in the process to be used on the project. If looking to select a qualified shotcrete contractor, you may want to review our ASA position paper on Shotcrete Contractor and Crew Qualifications.