Shotcrete has been used for canal lining throughout the United States. The Bureau of Reclamation published a study on Canal Lining Test Sections constructed in the Bend, OR, area and studies the durability at 5 and 10 years. Shotcrete is a very viable means of placing canal linings. Basically, shotcrete is a method of placing concrete. Care should be taken to ensure that the mixture is designed to withstand the local environmental conditions, such as using air-entraining admixtures to ensure durability due to exposure to freezing and thawing. ACI 506R-05, “Guide to Shotcrete,” contains a lot of useful information in evaluating and using shotcrete in a variety of applications, including canal linings. If liquid-tightness and long-term durability of the canal lining are important, provisions of ACI 350/350R-06, “Code Requirements for Environmental Engineering Concrete Structures and Commentary,” should also be considered in the design of canal lining reinforcement, cover, and joints.