We have an ASA document, “Safety Guidelines for Shotcrete,” that addresses shotcrete safety. It is not a job specific safety plan but gives you guidance on the information you may include in your plans. You can find it on our bookstore at https://shotcrete.org/bookstore/?productpage=2. A free copy of the Safety Guidelines is provided to all of our corporate and sustaining members. Membership also provides many other benefits, including discounts on shotcrete nozzleman certification and participation in our committees. We have a committee specifically devoted to Education and Safety for shotcrete that is very active.

Regarding the repair of the rubber hose, there is no procedure to repair any breaches in the hose itself. A damaged or excessively worn hose should never be used as the pressure that builds when a delivery line plugs during pumping is extremely dangerous. Modern pumps can reach 2000 psi (14 MPa) internal concrete pressure when experiencing a plug and the hose must be capable of carrying that high pressure. The wet-mix shotcrete hose is heavily reinforced, and the couplings are designed for high pressure. Your crew must be sure that all clamps are fully engaged on the heavy-duty couplings, and that safety pins are in place.