Shotcrete placement requires high velocity for full consolidation and compaction of the concrete. Standard shotcrete equipment with a properly sized air compressor will produce a velocity of 60 to 80 mph (95 to 130 km/h). The 400 psi you stated is not a velocity, but a pressure. Sixty psi is a very low air pressure and may not create the velocity needed for proper shotcrete placement. Shotcrete generally uses compressors that create 100 to 125 psi of air pressure. Also, depending on the shotcrete process used (wet-mix or dry-mix), ACI 506R-16, “Guide to Shotcrete,” states you need an air compressor that can produce a flow rate of at least 200 ft3/min (5.7 m3/min) for wet-mix to 600 ft3/min (17 m3/min) for dry-mix for your 1-1/2 in. diameter hose.