Shotcrete is a method of placing concrete. Fibrous shotcrete will have very similar, if not identical, properties as fibrous cast concrete. Expansion and contraction joints should be similar in shotcrete to those needed in cast concrete. ACI 224.3R-95, “Joints in Concrete Construction,” covers joints in many different applications. The closest relevant document for eliminating joints is ACI 360R-10, “Guide to Design of Slabs-on-Ground,” where, in Section 8.3, it states:
“To eliminate sawcut contraction joints, a continuous amount of reinforcement with a minimum steel ratio of 0.5% (PCA 2001) of the slab cross-sectional area in the direction where the contraction joints are eliminated is recommended.”
This 0.5% reinforcement is consistent with the provisions of ACI 350-06, “Code requirements for Environmental Engineering Concrete Structures and commentary,” for the minimum reinforcement for temperature and shrinkage without contraction joints.
You can refer to ACI 506 series documents regarding shotcrete, and possibly the FHWA SA-96-069R “Manual for Design, Construction, and Monitoring of Soil Nail Walls” for additional guidance. Copies of the ACI 506 series documents are available in the ASA Bookstore.