This inquiry involves a lot more than just mix design. First, additives to the mix by themselves will not keep the shotcrete from cracking. To minimize leakage for the proposed application, he will have to use either a waterproofing membrane on top of the shotcrete, or plaster like would be used on a swimming pool. Putting a membrane behind the shotcrete would only serve to keep ground water from entering the pond through the back side. The other aspect to be addressed is the fact that all concrete shrinks, and that is what causes the cracks. So anything that can be done to minimize shrinkage should help. To name just a few items: avoid shooting on a windy and or low humidity day; use aggregates in the mix that have a good record regarding shrinkage; avoid excessive cement content in the mix; use reinforcing steel (mesh or rebar); synthetic fibers help reduce early plastic shrinkage; proper curing is absolutely essential!