Shotcrete placement conveys concrete materials through a delivery line that ranges from 11⁄2 in. (38 mm) to 21⁄2 in. (64 mm) in diameter. A 2 in. (50 mm) diameter at the nozzle is most common. Wet-mix shotcrete pumps wet concrete through the line. Dry-mix conveys dry concrete materials through the line and adds water at the nozzle to make concrete. Using proper concrete materials, equipment and placing techniques both wet-mix and dry-mix should provide high strength, durable concrete for your pool. Wet-mix is more difficult to pump as it has more internal friction pushing the low-slump concrete through the line. Shotcrete contractors will try to minimize the delivery line length in wet-mix to make pumping easier and reduce the chance for plugs in the line. With proper planning, concrete mixture selection, and delivery line choices, wet-mix shotcrete can be pumped 500 ft (150 m) or more. The shotcrete contractor can increase the pumping distance by using steel pipe for most of the delivery line with rubber hose the last 50 to 75 ft (15 to 23 m), or using larger diameter hose or pipe and then reducing to the final size closer to the nozzle. If the shotcrete contractor is using dry-mix (often called Gunite) they should easily be able to reach over 500 ft as the delivery hose is mostly full of air conveying the dry concrete materials. This means you don’t have nearly the internal friction that would tend to cause plugging of the line, and thus allows for longer delivery lines.
Thus, if using wet-mix, check with the shotcrete contractor and see if they can make adjustments to their delivery lines to allow a greater pumping distance to accommodate your lot. If using dry-mix, they should have no problems running the hose to your back yard assuming they have enough hose.