The thickness of the shotcrete placement, site logistics, and the availability of ready-mixed concrete, as well as expertise of the shotcrete contractor would likely determine the most cost-effective method for shotcrete placement. Both dry-mix and wet-mix will produce structural concrete in place with similar physical properties and durability. Wet-mix can generally produce more volume of material placed per hour than dry-mix. You had several basic questions about shotcrete that can be answered by visiting sections of On our website, you will find the informational pages and beneficial. The Resources page lists many shotcrete-specific articles and web resources. The Archive Search allows you to search through our Shotcrete magazine archive for past articles using keywords. You may also find ACI 506R-16, “Guide to Shotcrete,” an informative primer on all aspects of shotcrete. You can purchase a PDF copy of the Guide from ACI at ACI Committee 506, Shotcreting, also has several other technical documents available for specification for shotcrete, evaluation of shotcrete cores, specifying underground shotcrete, and fiber-reinforced shotcrete you can find on the ACI website.