a) Shotcrete can be finished in a wide variety of ways. It can be left with anywhere from a very rough to a very smooth finish and a huge variety of other finishes. We suggest you visit ASA’s Web site, click on the tab for Shotcrete magazine, and search the previous articles for finishes and swimming pools. You will find a lot of photos of great-looking walls. Not all shotcrete contractors are proficient in providing these attractive finishes. You need to discuss this with your current shotcrete contractor and/or interview other shotcrete contractors to make sure the chosen contractor can provide what you are looking for. We also suggest you look at work these contractors have previously completed. You can also locate contractors online at ASA’s Buyers Guide, www.Shotcrete.org\BuyersGuide.

b) If the pool house foundation is a footing trenched into the ground 4 ft (1.2 m) deep, dry-mix shotcrete would not be a good solution. If the foundation is 4 ft (1.2 m) above grade, then it could be done with shotcrete against a one-sided form. This would be considered structural shotcrete and not all shotcrete contractors are qualified to place shotcrete for structural walls. Again, we suggest you ensure the chosen contractor is qualified to do the work.