Yes, it is possible to shoot 24 in. (600 mm) thick tunnel linings. There are various ways of doing this, depending on the reinforcing steel configuration. One method we have successfully used for shooting tunnel linings this thick with a double mat of reinforcing bar (1 in. [20 mm] diameter bars at 6 in. [150 mm] on center, vertically and horizontally) is to bench gun shoot the walls up to the spring line with a wet-mix silica-fume-modified shotcrete (without accelerator) and then ribbon-shoot (2 ft [0.5 m] wide strips) overhead using the same mixture but with the option of using an alkali-free accelerator added at the nozzle.
If the shotcrete requires a smooth finish (equivalent to a cast-in-place concrete finish), then the initial shotcrete is shot to within about 1 in. (30 mm) of the final shotcrete thickness and allowed to set and harden. Following that, a final non-accelerated finish coat can be applied that can be trimmed to shooting wires with a cutting rod, closed up with a darby, and then trowelled with either a magnesium or steel trowel, depending on the required finished surface texture.
Such work can be done with a remote-control manipulator arm (robot) or, for more precision, with hand nozzling out of a basket on a manlift (provided the tunnel floor is sufficiently smooth for operation of a manlift). The bottom line: hire a contractor who has experience in conducting such work.