The application of shotcrete can be done successfully with either method. The dry-mix shotcrete process tends to be more favorable for lower volume placements. It is also a more flexible method, allowing for more frequent relocations of equipment. Equipment is more easily cleaned at the end of the placement. The nozzleman must exercise great care in adding the necessary amount of water while shooting.

The wet-mix shotcrete method is more favorable for larger volume placements. Rebound is substantially less than in the dry-mix shotcrete process. The nozzleman does not have to be concerned with controlling the water addition. This method is less efficient when there is a requirement for frequently starting and stopping placements. The wet shotcrete mixture has a limited “pot-life.”

Remember, shotcrete is not a special product. It is a method of placing concrete. All the recommended practices for concrete placed by any other method, such as curing and protection, also apply to shotcrete.