Code of Conduct 

As an ASA Qualified Shotcrete Contractor, we agree to ongoing compliance with the requirements and standards set forth in the ASA Shotcrete Contractor Qualification Program We will not knowingly or purposefully violate any project specifications or requirements. We agree to maintain required insurance coverage, staff our projects with trained and certified personnel, and strive to produce a high- quality product in a safe and professional manner. 


  1. a) The ASA decisions concerning qualification, including but not limited to the decision of the CQC shall be final andbinding; 
  2. b) The applicant will not institute legal action of any kind to challenge thosedecisions; 
  3. c) Neither the ASAnor its members, officers,employees or representatives (including but not limited to the members of the CQC) shall be subject to any claim for legal or equitable relief (including but not limited to money judgements and injunctive relief) arising out of those decisions; and, in any event,  
  4. d)Neither the ASA nor its members, officers,employees or representatives (including but not limited to the members of the CQC) shall be liable for consequential or incidental damages of any kind as a result of the ASA Qualification program. The applicant further agrees that if it commences legal action in violation of this agreement, it shall be responsible for paying all costs and expenses, including attorney fees incurred by ASA and/or its members, officers, employees or representatives in the course of defending that legal action. 


In the event that any party asserts a claim for personal injury, property damage, economic loss of other damages against ASA and/or its members, officers, employees or representatives arising out of or relating to the acts or omissions of an ASA Qualified Shotcrete Contractor, the ASA Qualified Shotcrete Contractor shall, upon request, defend and indemnify ASA and/or its members, officers, employees or representatives and hold them harmless from all damages, judgement, costs, losses and expenses, including attorney fees, resulting from said claim. 


I have read and agreed to the above disclosures. I authorize the verification of the information provided on this form and declare that it is accurate to the best of my knowledge. By checking this box, I authorize my consent.