What is the cost?

ASA informational Presentations are free to the host organization with five or more Architects, Engineers, or Specifiers in attendance. Webinars connecting multiple locations could also be arranged.

What is the value to your organization?

The shotcrete process offers numerous quality, efficiency, and sustainability advantages, but proper knowledge of the process is critical to the creation of a quality specification and for the success of any specifier/owner employing the process. Maintaining a high level of quality for concrete placed via the shotcrete method is ASA’s primary concern and we have found this type of onsite presentation to be an excellent tool for all involved. Typically these are 60-minute presentations, including Q&A, but can be tailored to accommodate your needs. ASA is a registered AIA/CES Provider.

ASA currently offers two presentation options:

Introduction to Shotcrete

  • Advantages and benefits using the shotcrete process in a wide variety of applications
  • Dry-mix and wet-mix processes
  • Specifications, material considerations, placement techniques, and performance guidelines
  • Structural considerations for shotcrete placement
  • Pre-construction, jobsite conditions, curing methods

Shotcrete for Underground Applications

  • Follows ACI 506.5R, “Guide for Specifying Underground Shotcrete”
  • Highlights typical underground applications
  • Covers materials, anchorage, reinforcement, and performance requirements
  • Addresses batching/mixing, transport, placing equipment, preparation, curing, and protection
  • Discusses QA/QC, submittals, preconstruction tests, and construction acceptance
  • Includes repair and rehabilitation, safety, measurement, and payment

How do I arrange for an ASA informational presentation?

Contact ASA staff at [email protected] or (248) 983-1702  to arrange for an onsite informational presentation tailored for your group’s needs.