There have been a number of articles on shotcrete specifications or guidelines since Shotcrete™s debut issue in 1999.1-5 Because this issue™s theme is Specitcations, I thought it timely to offer an article updating the state of current standards in North America and the ongoing work on shotcrete standards.
As you may know, there are three major groups concerned with shotcrete issues in the U.S.: ACI International, with Committee 506, Shotcreting, and Committee C 660, Shotcrete Nozzleman Certification; ASTM International, with Subcommittee C 09.46, Shotcrete; and, of course, ASA. The first two publish specifications, guidelines, or standards; and, by agreement, ACI International deals with œhow to and design issues, while ASTM International deals with materials specifications, practices, and test methods. Two of the three committees mentioned previously are presently chaired by ASA members”we are working on the third person!”and are required to have a balance of interests of voting members, users, general interest, and suppliers. Documents published by these committees must be approved by oversight committees and sometimes by the entire memberships; thus, they are considered consensus documents in that anyone with an interest may provide input.
ACI International
ACI Committee 506 was organized in 1942 and now consists of approximately 62 members covering diversified interests in shotcrete. Current Chair John H. Pye of the U.S. Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board has divided the committee into subcommittees. This committee has published and is working on the following: