Tere has long been a need for a reliable, simple-to-use means of determining the early-age rate of strength gain in shotcrete.During approximately the first 24 hours after shotcrete has been placed, its compressive strength is typically too low to measure using standard core-extraction and testing procedures. Monitoring the rate of early-strength development in shotcrete is important in tunneling, mining, and other applications such as the underpinning of structures. Recent studies by the authors have demonstrated that there is a simple, direct method for determining the early-age compressive strength development of shotcrete. It involves the shooting of a set of beams in a standard steel mold and testing the beams after stripping, using an adaptation of ASTM C 116, œStandard Test Method for Compressive Strength of Concrete using Portions of Beams Broken in Flexure. This œTechnical Tip describes a procedure for deter-mining the compressive strength of shotcrete beams and presents results of tests conducted with plain and accelerated shotcretes produced by both the wet- and dry-mix shotcrete processes.