We are standing in the very bowels of the City of Atlanta. This isn™t the trendy œUnderground Atlanta of rock-till-you-drop nightclub fame. The millions of busy Atlanta citizens above us today don™t have any idea that we are down here. All they care about is that when they flip the little silver lever on the water tank, everything that is disagreeable goes somewhere else.
Where it goes, how it gets there, and what happens to it is our job. This 12-ft-diameter, man-made cavern known as the Highland Creek Trunk Sewer Interceptor stretches seemingly forever before and behind us. The professional shotcrete applicators of the Coastal Gunite Construction Company are here placing a new, biologically active gunite in this sewer interceptor. The Department of Public Works is here to inspect the rehabilitation work as Coastal Gunite recoats the interior of the Highland Creek Interceptor with this new bacteria-fighting gunite material.