Seeing is believing. It’s also a good way to teach. That’s the idea behind a series of scheduled demonstrations slated for the 2001 International Pool & Spa Expo, which will be held in Phoenix, November 27-30. More than just a passive exhibition, this area will offer hands-on instruction covering a variety of pool and spa building and service topics ” from putting tiles on a wall to troubleshooting problems.
This year, the demonstration area will feature shotcrete techniques and training. Hands-on instruction, led by experts in the field, will help shotcreters hone their skills and become better at what they do. Shooting concrete isn™t as straightforward as it seems ” in fact, it™s a craft. The training demonstration will cover the different types of shotcreting, as well as various types of equipment and ways of using it. But, most importantly, a field test will allow participants to take a turn at shooting shotcrete themselves.