Carl Akeley began the process of guniting, or what is now known as shotcreting, sometime around 1907. Since shotcreting subsequently found its way into underground 1uining operatio1t.s. ii has unc.lcrgone an evolution through the 20th Cen­tury Lo where we find the process being used today in North America and elsewhere. in mining around the world.As we look al 1be progress.< of sho1crete in Nonh AmedcM underground mines. it becon1es useful ro break down the pn)CCSS into five distinct parnmetcrs: mix design, equipment. logistics, applications, and operalors; for discussion (>f each.
While Some of our current practices have es1ab­lishcd a benchmark for others to emulate, we also stand to leam from the practices of the resl of lhe
mining world. However, what ever perspective one takes of the current state. of affairs, is an important pan of ground support in modern mining applications. and its use and effec1iveness wW con­tinue to grow as we. tackle the chaBenges that min¢ ing brings us in the 21¢ Century. Sbo1cre1e. or sprdyed concrete if one prefers, hos a bright future