CCS-4(08): Shotcrete for the Craftsman: Spanish Language Version


This 56-page publication describes and illustrates how to properly place quality shotcrete. Beginning with an explanation of what shotcrete is, chapters cover equipment, materials, environmental conditions, inspection and surface preparation, placement principles and techniques, finishing and tolerances, safety and testing.

Contents: Chapter 1 What the Shotcrete Craftsman Should Know About Concrete

Chapter 2 Concrete Materials

Chapter 3 Mixture Proportioning

Chapter 4 What is Shotcrete?

Chapter 5 Shotcrete Materials

Chapter 6 Shotcrete Equipment

Chapter 7 Preparation Before Shooting

Chapter 8 Shotcrete Placement Principles and Techniques

Chapter 9 Communication

Chapter 10 Environmental Conditions and Precautions

Chapter 11 Finishing and Tolerance Controls

Chapter 12 Safety

Chapter 13 Testing/Quality

Appendix A Definitions

Appendix B Evaporation Rate Chart

Appendix C Core Grading

Appendix D Elements of Good Shotcrete

Appendix E Conversion Factors


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