• Key: o6cd3

  • 1999 Fall InitialNozzCert
    ASA Holds lnitial Shotcrete Nozzleman cenitication
    Key: paucw

  • 1999 Fall Morgan,McAskill,Knowlton
    Shotcrete Rehabilitation of a Vancouver, BC Historic
    Key: fn3g7

  • 1999 Fall ShotcreteCorner
    Shotcrete Research in Academia in North America
    Key: zcfp1

  • 1999 Fall Snow
    Seismic Reinforcing of Masonry Walls With Shotcrete
    Key: nxc8v

  • 1999 Fall Wallace
    A Concrete Building That Requires No Heating
    Key: 8mirp

  • 1999 Spring Beaupre
    Bond Strength of Shotcrete Repair
    Key: bs5c2

  • 1999 Spring Gebler
    Repair of Bridge Elements Using Shotcrete
    Key: gfzqi

  • 1999 Spring ShotcreteCorner
    Shotcrete Reinforcement
    Key: optbc

  • 1999 Spring Snow
    Rehabilitation of Sanitary and Storm Sewers Using Shotcrete
    Key: n74hu

  • 1999 Summer Armelin,Duke,Montegu,Contreras
    Dry, Pre-mixed Shotcrete Supply for Tunnels and Mines
    Key: f87o6

  • 1999 Summer Boscov
    Shotcrete for Underground Support in Brazil
    Key: 1ecfj

  • 1999 Summer Duffield
    Shotcrete Applications at Northparkes E26 Mine
    Key: nhw4a

  • 1999 Summer ProjectProfile
    Shotcrete Expands Gambling in Colorado
    Key: 45i50

  • 1999 Summer ShotcreteCorner
    Interchange of Shotcrete Technology Between North & South America
    Key: dca3s

  • 1999 Summer Wood
    Estimating Volume of Shotcrete for Mining Applications
    Key: 4ftfo

  • 1999 Winter Bibliography
    Shotcrete Bibliography
    Key: fanfz

  • 1999 Winter Morgan
    Performance vs Prescription Based Shotcrete Specifications
    Key: tkse9

  • 1999 Winter ShotcreteCorner
    Shotcrete Corner
    Key: o9jg5

  • 1999 Winter Warner
    ASA- A Needed Voice for a Diverse Procedure
    Key: 86bng

  • 1999 Winter Yoggy
    Shotcrete, Airplanes, and Automobiles
    Key: pjt2u

  • 2000 Fall Gendreau
    Use of Dry-Mix Shotcrete to Repair a Lighthouse Structure
    Key: 4bx3v

  • 2000 Fall Johnson
    New Mixture Design and Guide Specifications and Inspector’s Manual
    Key: s98bo

  • 2000 Fall Kusterle
    Application and Testing of Shotcrete
    Key: jgk3c

  • 2000 Fall McAskill
    Overcoming Pumping Problems
    Key: f4510

  • 2000 Fall Morgan
    Shotcrete Guides and Specifications
    Key: j9atv

  • 2000 Fall Tremere
    Shotcrete Used to Construct North America’s Largest Skate Park
    Key: 7z3zt

  • 2000 Fall Yoggy
    The History of Shotcrete- Part 1
    Key: e1tvh

  • 2000 Spring Ballou
    Steel Fiber Reinforced Shotcrete, It is time to find out about it.
    Key: eambb

  • 2000 Spring Banthia
    Research in Fiber-Reinforced Shotcrete: Bringing Science to an Art
    Key: w35oc

  • 2000 Spring Bernard
    Round Determinate Panel Testing in Australia
    Key: dhurz

  • 2000 Spring Buckley
    Moab Khotsong Mine, A Mining Engineer’s Perspective on the Application of Steel Fiber Reinfored Wetcrete as a Support Meduim in an Ultra Deep Level Mine, Part 1
    Key: otff5

  • 2000 Spring Chapdelaine
    Big Bad Curves?, Pumping Fiber-Reinforced Wet-Mix Shotcrete
    Key: abbl8

  • 2000 Spring Hauck
    Steel Fiber Reinforced Shotcrete Replaces Cast Concrete Lining, World’s Longest Subsea Road Tunnel
    Key: tj2sr

  • 2000 Spring Keffalas
    Shotcrete with Steel Fiber Helps Reinforce Mount St. Helens Project Savings
    Key: k83js

  • 2000 Spring Morgan
    Evolution of Fiber Reinfored Shotcrete
    Key: oey9o

  • 2000 Spring Rapp
    Shotcrete Design and Construction for the Stave Falls Project Power Tunnels
    Key: ix8jc

  • 2000 Summer Armelin
    Shotcrete Red Hot in Peru
    Key: mby45

  • 2000 Summer Beaupre
    News from the ASA Certification Board
    Key: a7yvu

  • 2000 Summer Buckley
    Moab Khotsong Mine, Part 2
    Key: 8xlam

  • 2000 Summer Dufour
    Performance of Dry-Mix Shotcrete in Permafrost Environment
    Key: dq9t3

  • 2000 Summer Duro
    Making Dry-Mix Shotcrete Go the Distance Underground
    Key: 4zwsz

  • 2000 Summer ODonnell
    Shotcrete: A Key to Advances in Safety and Productivity in Mining
    Key: oz6ub

  • 2000 Summer Rispin
    Shotcrete in North American Underground Mines: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
    Key: mk2ac

  • 2000 Summer Vandewalle
    The Use of Steel Fiber-Reinforced Shotcrete for the Support of Mine Openings
    Key: x8g16

  • 2000 Winter Beaupre
    Exposed Aggregate Shotcrete: New Shotcrete Finish Imporves Aesthetics
    Key: bwfhl

  • 2000 Winter Evans
    Enhancing Our Environment with Artificial Rockwork
    Key: pil0w

  • 2000 Winter Garshol
    The Shotcrete Troll
    Key: h78nu

  • 2000 Winter Jolin
    Water Sport Complex: A Perfect Application for Shotcrete
    Key: delu1

  • 2000 Winter Jolin2
    Temporary High Initial Air Content Wet Process Shotcrete
    Key: 7hlhg

  • 2000 Winter Miller
    Architectural Challenges Are Nearly Routine for One Small Shotcrete Contractor
    Key: 4lbe0

  • 2000 Winter Morgan
    Shotcrete for Underground Support
    Key: tchia

  • 2000 Winter Project Profile
    Slope Reinforcement using Shotcrete in Arizona
    Key: m2gex

  • 2001 Fall Beaupre
    Effect of Shotcrete Consistency and Nozzleman Experience on Reinforcement Encasement Quality
    Key: ulnto

  • 2001 Fall Beaupre2
    Building Swimming Pools with Shotcrete Using the National Spa and Pool Institute [NSPI] Manual: Reinforcement of Shotcrete Pools/Plastering
    Key: e9tm8

  • 2001 Fall Morency
    Lightweight Shotcrete Canoe
    Key: dfw7y

  • 2001 Fall Rizzo
    Teaching Techniques: Pool and Spa Professionals Gain Shotcrete Expertise
    Key: 6iz7m

  • 2001 Fall safetyshooter
    Key: x1qr7

  • 2001 Fall Swagler
    Shaping Dreams- Shotcrete Makes it Happen
    Key: x2b1p

  • 2001 Spring Drake
    Grain Silo Rupture Repair
    Key: e56lc

  • 2001 Spring Kattula
    Designing and Installing a Shotcrete Strengthening Application on the Spokane Street Bridge
    Key: qncls

  • 2001 Spring Lacombe
    Use of Synthetic Fiber-Reinforced Dry-Mix Shotcrete for the Rehabilitation of a Wharf in Northeast Quebed, Canada
    Key: d3wa

  • 2001 Spring Morgan
    Understanding and Controlling Shrinkage and Cracking in Shotcrete
    Key: cl82x

  • 2001 Spring safetyshooter
    Cheap Insurance
    Key: cpbk3

  • 2001 Spring Vezina
    Development of Durable Dry-Mix Shotcrete in Quebec
    Key: dxtod

  • 2001 Spring Yoggy
    The History of Shotcrete, Part 2
    Key: 7n18q

  • 2001 Summer Abbot
    Shotcrete Solution to Tricky Underpinning Problem
    Key: q5la0

  • 2001 Summer Glassgold
    Shotcrete Specification and Testing
    Key: extjp

  • 2001 Summer Heere
    Shotcrete Retrofil of a Mechanically Stabilized Earth Wall
    Key: pdolt

  • 2001 Summer Kartofilis-Corwin
    Setting the Standard with Soil Nail Technologies
    Key: dghbc

  • 2001 Summer safetyshooter
    Safety Glasses
    Key: 6cryh

  • 2001 Summer vonderHofen
    Soil Nailing is Designed to Fit
    Key: yrc7

  • 2001 Winter Harrison
    2001 Winter Harrison
    Key: 18fla

  • 2001 Winter Hopkins
    World’s Largest Dome for Cement Storage (Silica Fume Shotcrete)
    Key: ldswj

  • 2001 Winter Lanham
    The Monolithic Dome Industry
    Key: xnsai

  • 2001 Winter Lanham2
    United Arab Emirates Project
    Key: acgtw

  • 2001 Winter Morgan
    Bibliography on Shotcrete Domes
    Key: q7zgg

  • 2001 Winter Pfahl
    Residential Shotcrete
    Key: rz13e

  • 2001 Winter South
    Shotcrete Domes
    Key: 2w2qv

  • 2001 Winter Warner
    Dealing with Reinforcing
    Key: cyxtz

  • 2002 Fall Emmrich
    Underground Parking Garage Rehabilitation Using Dry-Mix Shotcrete
    Key: udcfm

  • 2002 Fall Gilbride
    Deterioration and Rehabilitation of Berth Faces in Tidal Zones at the Port of Saint John
    Key: l9yg8

  • 2002 Fall Parker
    The Art of Tunnel Rehabilitation with Shotcrete
    Key: 3xi41

  • 2002 Fall Safety Shooter
    Safety Shooter: Guilty through Association Wall Forms and Rebar Safety Tip
    Key: yhlqc

  • 2002 Fall Safety Shooter
    Certification vs. Qualification of Shotcrete Nozzlemen
    Key: z1r5s

  • 2002 Fall Tatnall
    Shotcrete in Fires: Effects of Fibers on Explosive Spalling
    Key: up5xq

  • 2002 Fall Totten
    Tieton Dam Spillway Rehabilitation
    Key: clnxi

  • 2002 Fall Trottier
    Influence of Construction Joints in Wet-Mix Shotcrete Panels
    Key: 7hskb

  • 2002 Spring Brown
    Welcome to Underground Atlanta
    Key: 2c0um

  • 2002 Spring Chan
    Shotcrete for Ground Support: Current Practices in Western Canada
    Key: pgx7g

  • 2002 Spring Heere
    Determination of Early-Age Compressive Strength of Shotcrete
    Key: qbi9m

  • 2002 Spring Isaak
    Innovating with Shotcrete
    Key: jyfdk

  • 2002 Spring Loevlie
    Shotcrete Meets the Challenge of Huge Water Project in Ecuador
    Key: hnyjy

  • 2002 Spring Papworth
    Design Guidelines for the Use of FIber-Reinfroced Shotcrete
    Key: 5abha

  • 2002 Spring Safety Shooter
    Safety Shooter: Always Use Protection
    Key: eyctq

  • 2002 Summer Ballou
    2002 Summer Ballou
    Key: xdq3r

  • 2002 Summer Ferland
    Shotcrete Repair in Paper Mill
    Key: bqand

  • 2002 Summer Fitzgerald
    Calcium Aluminate Technology and It’s Application in Refactory Shotcrete
    Key: a2rnq

  • 2002 Summer Glassgold
    Refractory Shotcrete – Current State of the Art
    Key: d5nu6

  • 2002 Summer Richter
    Novel Form-Free Installation Method for Refractory Castables
    Key: iss15

  • 2002 Summer Safety Shooter
    Safety Shooter : Create a Pre-Site Checklist
    Key: 7z4qw

  • 2002 Summer Teichert
    Carl Akeley – A Tribute to the Founder of Shotcret
    Key: fs3d0

  • 2002 Winter Beaupre
    Technical Tips on Shotcrete Finishing
    Key: 66squ

  • 2002 Winter Chan
    Shotcrete for Ground Support: Current Practices in Western Canada
    Key: lv2ov

  • 2002 Winter Chan2
    Spanish Terminology in the Shotcrete
    Key: 3zc2a

  • 2002 Winter Goodier
    Construction and Repair with Wet-Process Sprayed Concrete and Mortar
    Key: j22xd

  • 2002 Winter Hasler
    Artistic Shotcrete for a Historic Auditorium
    Key: mwtlm

  • 2002 Winter Kroman
    Artistic Shotcrete for a Historic Auditorium
    Key: fi8r8

  • 2002 Winter Safety Shooter
    Safety Shooter: Daily Inspection Can Improve Safety
    Key: h7mjy

  • 2002 Winter Yoggy
    History of Shotcrete
    Key: p4cky

  • 2003 Fall Ballou
    Steep Slope Stabilization with Fiber-Reinforced Shotcrete
    Key: qf1ky

  • 2003 Fall BriggsPoole
    Concrete Domes- A Flexible Building Solution for the 21st Century
    Key: 2zigb

  • 2003 Fall HeereMorgan
    Specification of Shotcrete Toughness
    Key: 7sakz

  • 2003 Fall Robbins
    Architectural Shotcrete for Residential and Commerical Development
    Key: a48jb

  • 2003 Fall Safety Shooter
    Hear, Here…
    Key: zfvic

  • 2003 Fall shotcreteclassics
    Shotcrete Repair Saves Baltimore Bridges
    Key: nzh6q

  • 2003 Fall ShotcreteCorner
    ACI Shotcrete Nozzleman Certification and the American Shotcrete Association
    Key: 3it5c

  • 2003 Fall TechTip
    Shtocrete Rebound- How Much is Enough?
    Key: 32qp4

  • 2003 Fall VonderHofen
    Architectural Finishes for Retaining Walls
    Key: 5wpn2

  • 2003 Spring Bernard
    Release of New ASTM Round Panel Test
    Key: el5rv

  • 2003 Spring Clements
    Shotcreteing in Australian Underground Mines: A Decade of Rapid Improvement
    Key: 498cx

  • 2003 Spring Dufour Donnell Ballou
    Determination of Early-Age Ductility of Steel Fiber-Reinforced Shotcrete Lining System at INCO’s Stobie Mine
    Key: kchzv

  • 2003 Spring Morgan Shotcrete Classics
    Freeze-Thaw Durability of Shotcrete
    Key: w81tn

  • 2003 Spring O Donnell TechTip
    Shtocrete Rebound- How Much is Enough?
    Key: poqn8

  • 2003 Spring Rispin
    Is Computerized Shotcreting a Possibility? …It’s a Reality!
    Key: 6gkis

  • 2003 Spring Safety Shooter
    Scaffolding is Serious Business
    Key: eut9x

  • 2003 Summer fortuna
    Jefferson Street Bridge: The “Million Dollar Bridge” Listed on the National Register of Historic Places
    Key: c6jmz

  • 2003 Summer Jamieson
    Innovative Shotcrete Application Over Geofoam Structure Supporting Boston’s Central Artery Tunnel
    Key: p61kj

  • 2003 Summer jolinbeaupre
    Understanding Wet-Mix Shotcrete: Mix Design, Specifications, and Placement
    Key: 2rpsv

  • 2003 Summer macdonaldlukkarila
    Understanding Wet-Mix Shotcrete: Mix Design, Specifications, and Placement
    Key: nqavc

  • 2003 Summer Safety Shooter
    How to Plan Your Safety Training Program
    Key: mmm6f

  • 2003 Summer Shotcrete Classics
    Steel Fibrous Shotcrete: A Summary of the State-of-the-Art
    Key: 9acd2

  • 2003 Summer Shotcrete Corner
    Update on Standards for Shotcrete
    Key: nmxqx

  • 2003 Summer Technical Tip
    Just Add Water…
    Key: 2sbjj

  • 2003 Winter Giroux
    An extension to the Quebec City Zoo in Quebec City, Canada, will incorporate over 100 acres of new landscaping that will house more than 500 animal species from five different continents. The Jardin Zoologique construction project will host a new zoological garden that will be used to exhibit a spectacular expansion of its bird collection as well as an accentuation and harmonization of its horticultural infrastructures. The architects on the project (a European and Quebec collaboration) are specialists in the field of architectural shotcrete and were asked to investigate various available options for the design of the architectural exhibits of this important new zoo expansion. Atelier Artistique du Béton
    Key: nchd0

  • 2003 Winter Herzog
    Sissach’s Saved by a Bypass
    Key: o39c8

  • 2003 Winter Morgan
    Shotcrete for Underground Support IX
    Key: iaig1

  • 2003 Winter Safety Shooter
    Key: ntt5x

  • 2003 Winter Schallom
    What You need to know about Wet-Mix Shotcrete
    Key: ix360

  • 2003 Winter Teichert
    Dry-Mix Guns
    Key: hh9yb

  • 2003 Winter Wolsiefer
    Silica Fume in Shotcrete
    Key: iu547

  • 2003 Winter Yamachi
    Development of a Centrifugal Sprayed System for Shotcrete Application
    Key: zmqdv

  • 2004 Fall ClementsBernard
    The Use of Macro-Synthetic Fiber-Reinforced Shotcrete in Australia
    Key: vy1t3

  • 2004 Fall Runacres
    Thick Section overhead Repair and Strengthening of a Concrete Pier: A Viable Shotcrete Solution
    Key: zacxg

  • 2004 Fall Safety Shooter
    Safety and Common Sense
    Key: vn2dc

  • 2004 Fall Shotcrete Classics
    Innovative Synthetic Fibers
    Key: pa8qm

  • 2004 Fall Shotcrete Corner
    Shotcrete Foundation Walls at the Smithsonian Portrait Gallery in Washington, DC
    Key: 3yqv2

  • 2004 Fall TechTip
    Use og Fiber-Reinforced Shotcrete
    Key: cbp1t

  • 2004 Fall Yuers
    Waterproofing Your Shotcrete Tank
    Key: 8r3nk

  • 2004 Fall Zellers
    High Cost of Steel Not the Only Reason for Using Fibers as Shotcrete Reinforcement
    Key: w0lbc

  • 2004 Spring Boroski Harrison
    Education Commitee Report
    Key: bl7uq

  • 2004 Spring Journeaux
    Rock Stablization of Two Historically Sensitive Rock Slopes using Shotcrete
    Key: klyd

  • 2004 Spring Nehasil
    ACI Shotcrete Certification: Our Aim is True
    Key: zunax

  • 2004 Spring Robbins Boroski
    The Growing Market for Shotcrete in Skatepark Construction
    Key: x0ppb

  • 2004 Spring SafetyShooter
    Pump Safety – The Forgotten Screen
    Key: xcabe

  • 2004 Spring TechnicalTip
    Shotcrete Construction Joints
    Key: mwrcp

  • 2004 Summer Jamieson
    Waterproofing and Concrete Restoration at Blackwater Dam
    Key: itrdw

  • 2004 Summer Jamieson Colucci
    Concrete Repair and Restoration at Franklin Falls Dam
    Key: rfswr

  • 2004 Summer McAskillHeere
    Shotcrete Repair of WWII Concrete Hulks
    Key: 720yn

  • 2004 Summer Safety Shooter
    Pump Safety Tips: Protecting Pump Operators and Ready Mix Truck Drivers
    Key: i25no

  • 2004 Summer Shotcrete Classics
    The Setenave Dry Docks Rehabilitation
    Key: zlwgm

  • 2004 Summer ShotcreteCorner
    U.S. Shotcrete Standards Update
    Key: 5eiqj

  • 2004 Summer TechnicalTip
    Matching Equipment to Process: The Predampener
    Key: upzju

  • 2004 Summer Town
    Restoring the Century-Old Wachusett Aqueduct
    Key: d4jab

  • 2004 Winter Robbins
    2004 Winter Robbins
    Key: t1wly

  • 2004 Winter Russell
    Shotcrete—The Repair Solution for the Memorial Tunnel
    Key: 6z6ja

  • 2004 Winter Safety Shooter
    Safety Shooter : Working Safely in Cold Weather
    Key: f6kni

  • 2004 Winter ShotcreteClassics
    Seismic Retrofit of Littlerock Dam
    Key: lhntm

  • 2004 Winter Shotcrete Corner
    History of Shotcrete in Seismic Retrofit in California
    Key: c54o1

  • 2004 Winter TechTip
    Surface Preparation for Shotcrete Repairs
    Key: c98e1

  • 2004 Winter von der Hofen
    Washington State’s Capitol Seismic Repair
    Key: nck23

  • 2005 Fall Burns-Ferland
    Dream Pools and Spas in Cold Climates: Made a Reality with Shotcrete
    Key: 3qxi9

  • 2005 Fall Company Profile
    The Euclid Chemical Company
    Key: lzf83

  • 2005 Fall Knipe
    Art, Animals, and Architecture: Shotcrete Builds National Aquarium in Baltimore
    Key: g7bp3

  • 2005 Fall Safety Shooter
    Swimming Pools: Then and Now
    Key: 9o2q8

  • 2005 Fall Shotcrete Classics Kaden
    Environmental Consideration for Shotcrete
    Key: tletw

  • 2005 Fall ShotcreteCorner
    The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals
    Key: lr8et

  • 2005 Fall Sustainability
    “Sustainability”- What’s that about?
    Key: 3qpzy

  • 2005 Fall TechnicalTip
    Do You Have a Project Disaster Plan
    Key: unhnd

  • 2005 Spring Beaupre etal
    Underground Shotcrete Quality Assessment
    Key: zxq7t

  • 2005 Spring Bernard
    2005 Spring Bernard
    Key: lj3m9

  • 2005 Spring GeblerSeegebrecht
    Confirming Shotcrete Quality On Site
    Key: h3dzj

  • 2005 Spring MegaDemo
    ASA Mega-Demo Hits the Jackpot
    Key: xipn0

  • 2005 Spring Rispin
    Reentry into a Shotcreted, Underground Heading
    Key: msm5r

  • 2005 Spring Safety Shooter
    Safety Shooter
    Key: cd80b

  • 2005 Spring Samaru Sugiyama
    2005 Spring Samaru Sgiyama
    Key: tm75y

  • 2005 Spring Shehata Klement
    Curing Silica Fume Shotcrete with Wet-Sprayed Cellulose
    Key: f70wj

  • 2005 Spring ShotcreteClassics
    Quality Management of Shotcrete in North America
    Key: y7ogt

  • 2005 Spring Shotcrete Corner
    2005 Spring Shotcrete Corner
    Key: p8oyy

  • 2005 Spring TechTip
    Specified Dilemmas
    Key: 67yxd

  • 2005 Summer Bridger
    The Value of Shotcrete Accessories
    Key: sjaw8

  • 2005 Summer Nordstrom Grandas
    Effective In-Place Testing of Bond Strength with Swedish Friction Grip
    Key: 54ba4

  • 2005 Summer Rispinetal
    Robotic Shotcrete Applications for Mining and Tunneling
    Key: i47av

  • 2005 Summer SafetyShooter
    2005 Summer Safety Shooter
    Key: itlg9

  • 2005 Summer Shotcrete Classics
    2005 Summer Shotcrete Classic Yoggy
    Key: 8qex2

  • 2005 Summer ShotcreteCorner-McDonald
    Wet-Mix or Dry-Mix Shotcrete… or Both?
    Key: 6z94i

  • 2005 Summer Sulman
    What Should You Consider When Choosing a Wet-Mix Shotcrete Pump?
    Key: z8bi8

  • 2005 Summer TechTip-Schallom
    Equipment Maintenance
    Key: ee62k

  • 2005 Winter Brennan
    Quality and Shotcrete
    Key: une5p

  • 2005 Winter Feiner
    Respiratory Protection
    Key: z6rcw

  • 2019 ASA Presidents Award

    Key: 2z71v

  • 2019 Carl E. Akeley Award

    Key: mku6p

  • Architectural Shotcrete

    Key: n0xfr

  • Ayla Golf Academy and Clubhouse

    Key: gx1yn

  • Duck Island Wastewater Treatment Plant- Screw Pump Rehabilitation

    Key: jkbwh

  • Falls Village Penstock #1 Structural Shotcrete Rehabilitation Project

    Key: 10ral

  • Maryland Purple Line Plymouth Tunnel

    Key: ojtzh

  • Purlear Creek

    Key: add12

  • Shotcrete in the Urban Jungle

    Key: tefrp

  • The Making of Swamp Thing

    Key: 44syr

  • The Pretoria Canopy

    Key: v1mzt

  • 1999 Fall Balck
    Shotcrete and Prestressed Composite Tanks
    Key: 5g1qo

  • 2011 Fall Duckworth
    California Wine Caves Showcase Wet-Mix Shotcrete
    Key: b1w9l

  • 2006 Fall Russell
    2005 Outstanding Underground Project: The Center for National Response
    Key: qt0e4

  • 2006 Fall Giroux and Reny
    2005 Outstanding Repair and Rehabilitation Project: Pointe de la Prairie Lighthouse
    Key: leylz

  • 2006 Fall Janod Contractors
    Janod Contractors
    Key: ucycx

  • 2006 Fall Cotter
    Renovating a Chicago Landmark
    Key: 1skr4

  • 2006 Dufour, Reny and Vezina
    State-of-the-Art Specifications for Shotcrete Rehabilitation Projects
    Key: 79fuv

  • 2006 Fall El-Jallad
    Tiber Creek Tunnel Project
    Key: zyrib

  • 2006 Fall Majchrzak, Czajka and Jurek
    Shotcrete Repairs?the Main Development Trend in Poland
    Key: ngarn

  • 2006 Fall Rand
    Shotcrete Finds a Home at the New Home of the Detroit Lions
    Key: wr6p3

  • 2006 Fall Dalis and Reyes
    New Hire Safety Orientations Explained
    Key: 7j8jl

  • 2006 Fall Shank
    Shotcrete Classics: Tests of Corroded Steel Beams Restored with Gunite April 1927
    Key: e7p0m

  • 2006 Fall Page
    What is the International Concrete Repair Institute?
    Key: j1fbd

  • 2006 Fall Sustainability
    War Declared on Construction Waste
    Key: btks0

  • 2006 Fall Sofis
    Overhead Dry-Mix Shotcrete
    Key: 8oqjf

  • 2006 Spring Bertrand
    Shotcrete Supply: Dry or Wet? A Shotcrete Supplier?s Perspective
    Key: y36rq

  • 2006 Spring Seegebrecht, Litvin and Gebler
    Durability of Dry-Mix Shotcrete
    Key: ihppp

  • 2006 Spring Sofis Company Inc.
    Company profile: Sofis Company Inc.
    Key: kldu6

  • 2006 Spring Goldsworthy and Hewitt
    Freeport?s New Barmac Delivers High-Quality Shotcrete Sand
    Key: y45u8

  • 2006 Spring Keienburg
    Shotcrete Spraying Machines for Immediate Support in Tunnels
    Key: hikjt

  • 2006 Spring Noland
    2005 Outstanding Infrastructure Project Scottsdale Arch at Indian Bend Wash
    Key: idg7d

  • 2006 Spring Russell
    Shotcrete for Structural Repair of Key Light Rail Facility in Boston
    Key: 4so2k

  • Spring 2006 Zynda
    Hard Hats and Beer Cans?Now and Then
    Key: r6jw7

  • Spring 2006 Tatnall
    U.S. Shotcrete Standards Update
    Key: dq2ai

  • Spring 2006 Sustainability
    Energy Ef?ciency? an Overlooked Resource
    Key: hwtxw

  • Spring 2006 Schallom III
    Curing Pneumatically Applied Concrete
    Key: z1gra

  • Summer 2006 Briggs and Poole
    Shotcrete Domes: A Versatile Bulk Materials Storage and Architectural Structure Solution
    Key: xm0on

  • Summer 006 American Concrete Restorations, Inc
    Company Profile: American Concrete Restorations, Inc.
    Key: 3iduy

  • Summer 2006 Harrison
    Structural Shotcrete Overhead
    Key: 93q08

  • Summer 2006 Hildebrand
    Arlington, WA, Skatepark The Result of a Successful Blend of Artistry and Shotcrete Know-How
    Key: 5zvza

  • Summer 2006 Keienburg
    Slope Stabilization in an Open Pit Mine
    Key: a3ifg

  • Summer 2006 Mellett
    2005 Outstanding Architectural Project: Terra Lago Bridge
    Key: 3h5cf

  • Summer 2006 Zynda
    Forming: A Balance Act
    Key: 77k0l

  • Summer 2006 Collier
    Shotcrete Classics: Protection of Steel Against Corrosion
    Key: 6b2or

  • Summer 2006 Lukkarila
    Low-Velocity Spraying of Cementitious Materials?Is It Shotcrete?
    Key: kj3ds

  • Summer 2006 Sofis
    Overhead Shotcrete
    Key: tw8by

  • Summer 2006 Sustainability
    Sustainability in Action
    Key: msje9

  • Summer 2006 Schallom III
    Correct Shotcrete Nozzling Technique
    Key: jf2t6

  • Winter 2006 Truesdell Corporation
    Company Profile: Truesdell Corporation
    Key: 2d99k

  • Winter 2006 Journeaux
    Shotcrete Remediation of Natural Historic Sites
    Key: 93rym

  • Winter 2006 Knipe
    The Mayan Empire Rises Again? Shotcrete Buildings Replicate Ancient Monuments
    Key: g0mf6

  • Winter 2006 Morgan
    Advances in Shotcrete Technology for Infrastructure Rehabilitation
    Key: 3w9ix

  • Winter 2006 Rowland
    Shotcrete for Wine Storage
    Key: u6gze

  • Winter 2006 Zynda
    Reinforcing Steel (aka ?Rebar?) Congestion
    Key: ymk7l

  • Winter 2006 Snow
    Santee Cooper Shotcrete Repair in Moncks Corner
    Key: 8hhux

  • Winter 2006 Robbins
    Placing Dry-Mix Shotcrete Under Extreme Winter Weather Conditions
    Key: mbzfp

  • Winter 2006 Bridger
    Wet-Mix Shotcrete Nozzles
    Key: t4aj2

  • Winter 2006 von der Hofen and Fulford
    Shotcrete Illusions
    Key: h5zxx

  • Fall 2007 Bridgetown Port
    2006 Outstanding International Project: Reform and Expansion of Bridgetown Port
    Key: ephnk

  • Fall 2007 Weehawken Tunnel and Bergenline Avenue Station
    2006 Outstanding Underground Project: Weehawken Tunnel and Bergenline Avenue Station
    Key: 3dbv9

  • Fall 2007 Atkinson and Martin
    Canada?s North Country
    Key: h345y

  • Fall 2007 Bernard and Geltinger
    Determination of Early-Age Compressive Strength for FRS
    Key: avzyi

  • Fall 2007 Bhan, Duncan, Lawson and McDonald
    Shotcrete Application in SNOLAB
    Key: 4qh0s

  • Fall 2007 Clements
    Exploring the Limits of Shotcrete Loading Capacity at Early Age
    Key: rj4lm

  • Fall 2007 Frontier-Kemper Constructors, Inc.
    Company Profile: Frontier-Kemper Constructors, Inc.
    Key: 4c15z

  • Fall 2007 Goddard
    Cement-Based Products in the Landscape
    Key: 527s4

  • Fall 2007 Wrixon
    Safety Hazards Can Hang Overhead…Protect Yourself with Hopper Guards!
    Key: x28o3

  • Fall 2007 Garshol and Lacerda
    Watertight Permanent Shotcrete Linings in Tunneling and Underground Construction
    Key: g104s

  • Fall 2007 Sustainability
    Is It Time for Shotcrete Homes?
    Key: btcdf

  • Fall 2007 Celestino and Ishida
    A Report from the ITA Working Group on Shotcrete Use
    Key: g29xd

  • Spring 2007 Carl E. Akeley Award
    2006 Carl E. Akley Award
    Key: bbekg

  • Spring 2007 Drakeley
    2006 Outstanding Pool & Spa Project: Contemporary Edge
    Key: jr3no

  • Spring 2007 ASA President?s Award
    2006 ASA President?s Award
    Key: a7kg3

  • Spring 2007 The Nassal Company
    Company Profile: The Nassal Company
    Key: 4cgll

  • Spring 2007 Lacher
    Bad Benchmarks
    Key: ar5cb

  • Spring 2007 Lacher
    Workmanship Issues in Swimming Pool Wet-Mix Shotcrete Construction
    Key: jimcx

  • Spring 2007 Phillips
    Complex Pools?My Perspective
    Key: 7r4rz

  • Spring 2007 Norman
    Introduction to Shotcrete?s Newest Department
    Key: sjbnz

  • Spring 2007 Zynda
    Scaffolding by the Pros?
    Key: ijt19

  • Spring 2007 Johnson
    Concrete Rock Bear Dens
    Key: f8qlf

  • Spring 2007 Tatnall
    U.S. Shotcrete Standards Update
    Key: v8wm7

  • Spring 2007 Sustainability
    Research on Recycling Continues at UWM
    Key: v4nqy

  • Spring 2007 Drakeley
    How Dense Are You?
    Key: 1f692

  • Summer 2007 Columbus Zoo and Aquarium
    2006 Outstanding Architectural Project: Asia Quest – Columbus Zoo and Aquarium
    Key: 5kihu

  • Summer 2007 Sika Corporation
    Company Profile: Sika Corporation
    Key: 31l5x

  • Summer 2007 Land and McQuire
    Shotcrete Repair of Auditorium Plaza Garage
    Key: x4mag

  • Summer 2007 McAskill
    Shotcrete Shines in Parkade Repair
    Key: wg9q0

  • Summer 2007 Lacher
    Repair Procedure for Exposed or Shallow Reinforcement
    Key: m836x

  • Summer 2007 Zynda
    The Need for Safety
    Key: 16exm

  • Summer 2007 Shotcrete Classics
    Fire-Damaged Bridge Repaired with Gunite
    Key: j1vln

  • Summer 2007 Sofis
    Repair of the Baltimore Harbor Tunnel
    Key: u131j

  • Summer 2007 Syed and Gillespie
    Water Pollution Control Plant Structures Successfully Repaired with Shotcrete
    Key: od1jy

  • Summer 2007 Gagnon and Jolin
    Dynamic Forces during Shotcreting Operations
    Key: goo9l

  • Summer 2007 Zynda
    A Pictorial Description of a Shotcrete and Precast Parking Garage Construction
    Key: nk4pw

  • Summer 2007 Zynda
    Shotcrete: A Versatile Construction Method When You Need to Get a Job Done Quickly
    Key: tex5d

  • Winter 2007 CemenTech
    Company Profile: CemenTech
    Key: j5gpx

  • Winter 2007 Drakeley
    2005 Outstanding Pool & Spa Project: Vanishing Edge Pool
    Key: lo7b0

  • Winter 2007 Hutter, Dufour and Fullam
    Shotcrete Repairs in Barbados? A Caribbean Experience
    Key: p17pv

  • Winter 2007 Lim, Seegebrecht and Cao
    Nondestructive Testing Verifies Quality of Repair
    Key: v8jde

  • Winter 2007 Millette and Lessard
    Development of a Wet-Mix Shotcrete for a Deep Mine
    Key: 5yxij

  • Winter 2007 Second Annual ASA Outstanding Shotcrete Project Awards
    Second Annual ASA Outstanding Shotcrete Project Awards
    Key: 1zzbx

  • Winter 2007 Zynda
    Better Housekeeping
    Key: 3it3i

  • Winter 2007 Schallom III
    What?s Wrong with This Picture?
    Key: hr9ex

  • Winter 2007 Gillespie and Culliton
    Shotcrete Classics: Gunite Protection for Steel Structures
    Key: 1zfp7

  • Winter 2007 Sofis
    41st Street Bridge Baltimore Shotcrete Repair: A Scaffolding Challenge
    Key: spo7k

  • Fall 2008 2007 Outstanding Underground Project
    The MBTA Red Line Emergency Repairs
    Key: hblql

  • Fall 2008 Ballou
    Fiber-Reinforced Shotcrete for Underground Mines in the New Millennium
    Key: unaij

  • Fall 2008 MiNTEQ
    Company Profile: MiNTEQ
    Key: gatt8

  • Fall 2008 Harrison
    Western U.S. and International Water Projects Using Shotcrete
    Key: 7zua4

  • Limestone Filler in Wet-Mix Shotcrete
    Key: 9qb7z

  • Fall 2008 Bezanson
    The Star Pass Lazy River Project
    Key: bmgax

  • Fall 2008 Reny

    Key: 96n6b

  • Fall 2008 Mahoney
    Project Safety Building in Airport Parking Garage
    Key: 1c5d2

  • Fall 2008 Haddock
    Concrete Linings in Steel Stacks
    Key: mu3s0

  • Fall 2008 Morgan
    Shotcrete: A Versatile Construction Solution
    Key: ph1zv

  • Fall 2008 Dufour
    Can Dry-Mix Shotcrete Be Air Entrained?
    Key: 9dzc7

  • Spring 2008 Drakeley
    2007 Outstanding Pool & Spa Project Think Logical Technologies
    Key: wepea

  • Spring 2008 Carl E. Akeley Award
    2007 Carl E. Akeley Award
    Key: jff7z

  • Spring 2008 Cementec Industries Inc.
    Company Profile: Cementec Industries Inc.
    Key: lbfya

  • Spring 2008 Farrell
    Wet Shotcrete for Refractory Applications?Where It Has Been and Where It Is Going
    Key: fqj2

  • Spring 2008 Harmon
    Refractory Shotcrete Installations
    Key: a0h5a

  • Spring 2008 Jenkins
    Refractory Gunning Material Precertification by Correlation Testing
    Key: ve5e9

  • Spring 2008 Pagliosa and Pandolfelli
    R2U?Ready-to-Use Castables
    Key: q4wne

  • Spring 2008 Guarino
    Welcome to the Beede Center
    Key: otvbf

  • The Alfranjet Shotcrete System
    Key: 30o7o

  • Spring 2008 Blevins
    Tailgating? 5 Minutes is All it Takes
    Key: idzgp

  • Spring 2008 Lind
    Guniting Steel Cement Kiln Stacks
    Key: tns45

  • Spring 2008 Allen
    State-of-the-Art Refractory Shotcrete Techniques and Practices
    Key: h0fdw

  • Spring 2008 Sofis
    Gunite Refractory Installations
    Key: 2u22r

  • Summer 2008 2007 Outstanding Infrastructure Project
    2007 Outstanding Infrastructure Project: Whistler Sliding Centre
    Key: qugx3

  • Summer 2008 Bernard
    Embrittlement of Fiber-Reinforced Shotcrete
    Key: 7hf2u

  • Summer 2008 FORTA Corporation
    Company Profile: FORTA Corporation
    Key: v96kl

  • Summer 2008 Hart
    Expanded Metal Sheet Forming
    Key: jpems

  • Summer 2008 Lacher
    Formwork in Swimming Pool Construction
    Key: wtdwe

  • Summer 2008 Ragen and Briggs
    Air Forms for Building Shotcrete Domes
    Key: bbh1

  • Summer 2008 Standridge
    Construction Project Safety
    Key: ouvo2

  • Summer 2008 Greene
    Pneumatically Placed Concrete for Walls of Industrial Plants
    Key: i57h8

  • Summer 2008 Sofis
    Choosing the Right Method
    Key: x8c6q

  • Summer 2008 Ballou
    Mixing Water for Shotcrete
    Key: ui3vg

  • Summer 2008 von der Hofen
    Forming and Constructing Structural Shotcrete Walls
    Key: 7w0fq

  • Summer 2008 Zynda
    Forming for Shotcrete
    Key: yu9y8

  • Key: ox60z

  • Winter 2008 Drakeley
    Need for Nozzleman Certification in the Swimming Pool Industry
    Key: pz1wo

  • Winter 2008 Dufour
    Shotcrete Nozzlemen: ASA Trains?ACI Certifies
    Key: 8lkjj

  • Winter 2008 Morgan and Totten
    Guide Specification for Structural Shotcrete Walls
    Key: 5r2py

  • Winter 2008 Outstanding Architectural Project
    Third Annual ASA Outstanding Shotcrete Project Awards
    Key: sm3hv

  • Winter 2008 Zynda
    Overspray and Safety
    Key: 2l0c8

  • Winter 2008 Crom
    Introduction: Application and Use of Shotcrete
    Key: eulgt

  • Winter 2008 Shotcrete Corner
    ACI 506?A Must-Have Item
    Key: 9wjjv

  • Winter 2008 Sustainability
    Some of the Latest and Greatest in Concrete Homes
    Key: l07ih

  • Winter 2008 Technical Tip
    Go for the Cure in 2008
    Key: mrncw

  • Fall 2009 Outstanding Architectural Project
    2008 Outstanding Architectural Project: ASANTE
    Key: g51zz

  • Fall 2009 Outstanding Underground Project
    2008 Outstanding Underground Project: The Heartland Corridor Clearance Improvement
    Key: npvwn

  • Fall 2009 Bekaert Corporation
    Company Profile: Bekaert Corporation
    Key: vx7s

  • Fall 2009 Harpole
    Key: s859n

  • Fall 2009 Payne, Hedrick, Spiker and Walsh
    Shotcrete Application in Skatepark Construction
    Key: cdy1f

  • Fall 2009 Drakeley
    Checks and Balances
    Key: 12slw

  • Fall 2009 Zynda
    Scaffolding by the Pros?
    Key: xb6jm

  • Fall 2009 Shotcrete Classics
    Swimming Pool Construction in Southern California
    Key: 6spbx

  • Fall 2009 Tucker
    Africa Live! at the San Antonio Zoo
    Key: sbstz

  • Fall 2009 South
    Monolithic Dome School Buildings
    Key: 41ou9

  • Fall 2009 von der Hofen
    Structural Shotcrete Reinforcing
    Key: 76109a

  • Spring 2009 Mellett
    The Versatile Nature of Shotcrete
    Key: xoo6r

  • Spring 2009 Bernard
    Fiber-Reinforced Shotcrete in the Australian Underground Mining Industry
    Key: 8go2i

  • Spring 2009 Larsen, Thibodeau and Hunter
    A History of Shotcrete Use at Vale Inco
    Key: pyoi1

  • Spring 2009 Outstanding Pool & Recreational Project
    2008 Outstanding Pool & Recreational Project: Canterbury High School
    Key: 919yh

  • Spring 2009 Sofis
    41st Street Bridge Baltimore Shotcrete Repair: A Scaffolding Challenge
    Key: 2opuc

  • Spring 2009 QUIKRETE Companies
    Company Profile: QUIKRETE Companies
    Key: pviu7

  • Spring 2009 Scott
    Negative Edge Swimming Pool, Perimeter Edge Spa, and Runnel Connector
    Key: b59b1

  • Spring 2009 Shotcrete Classics
    Thin-Shell Concrete Dome Constructed by Gunite Method
    Key: 2p48h

  • Spring 2009 Ballou
    Shotcrete Rebound? How Much is Enough?
    Key: 65fk7

  • Spring 2009 Zynda
    Hard Hats and Beer Cans?Now and Then
    Key: z9n34

  • Summer 2009 Outstanding International Project
    2008 Outstanding International Project: Garden Valley (Jardines del Valle) Housing
    Key: lcf7d

  • Summer 2009 Outstanding Repair & Rehabilitation Project
    2008 Outstanding Repair & Rehabilitation Project : Manchester Terminals, LLC, Dock Rehabilitation
    Key: ux2c2

  • Summer 2009 Fibercon International, Inc.
    Company Profile: Fibercon International, Inc.
    Key: pbh9r

  • Summer 2009 Norman
    Dry-Mix Shotcrete Equipment
    Key: ki33q

  • Summer 2009 Lacher
    Homegrown Innovation in Swimming Pool Dry-Mix Shotcrete Equipment
    Key: 7ar5y

  • Summer 2009 Zynda
    Don?t Get Buried
    Key: s2bh

  • Summer 2009 Schallom III
    What You Need to Know Before Selecting a Wet-Mix Shotcrete Pump
    Key: 4bv5w

  • Summer 2009 Shotcrete Classics
    Key: blag2

  • Summer 2009 Teichert
    Dry-Mix Guns
    Key: vtcrc

  • Summer 2009 Sulman
    Shotcrete Equipment: Wet or Dry?
    Key: 2n5da

  • Summer 2009 Jamieson
    Matching Equipment to Process: The Predampener
    Key: tvbjh

  • Winter 2009 ASA Outstanding Shotcrete Project Awards
    2008 ASA Outstanding Shotcrete Project Awards
    Key: pl2e9

  • Winter 2009 Morgan and Zhang
    Seismic Retrofit of Historic Wing Sang Building
    Key: 8rp7g

  • Winter 2009 Collins and Zius
    Shotcrete is a Versatile Structural Concrete Repair Material
    Key: axoxr

  • Winter 2009 Sofis
    Shotcrete Rehabilitation of the Noblestown Road Bridge
    Key: 6mqwl

  • Winter 2009 Dufour, Reny, Lacroix and Morin
    The Effects of Liquid Corrosion Inhibitor in Air-Entrained Dry-Mix Shotcrete
    Key: 7ipc2

  • Winter 2009 Outstanding Repair & Rehabilitation Project
    2007 Outstanding Repair & Rehabilitation Project: MDOT Lodge M-10 Freeway Rehabilitation
    Key: rx0lm

  • Use of Dry-Mix Shotcrete to Repair a Lighthouse Structure
    Key: 1ajm1

  • Winter 2009 Darling and Cao
    Waterproofing Below-Grade Shotcrete Walls
    Key: dn85e

  • Winter 2009 Putzmeister America, Inc.
    Company Profile: Putzmeister America, Inc.
    Key: 3jqjb

  • Winter 2009 Sedmark
    Spring Lake High School and Aquatic Facility
    Key: ptpld

  • Winter 2009 Shotcrete Classics
    Airform Industrial Construction
    Key: bavgf

  • Winter 2009 von der Hofen
    Concrete Burns
    Key: aoxc9

  • Fall 2010 Concrete Engineering Group, LLC
    Corporate Member Profile: Concrete Engineering Group, LLC
    Key: 6g6dw

  • Fall 2010 Hanskat
    An Overview
    Key: mqm99

  • Fall 2010 Duckworth
    Is Your Company Policy on Equipment Wear Putting You at Risk?
    Key: mdj23

  • Fall 2010 Drakeley Jr.
    Letter to the Editor
    Key: gm5a

  • Fall 2010 Burkert
    Key: z582x

  • Fall 2010 Sofis
    Shotcrete and Sustainability
    Key: oon6f

  • Fall 2010 von der Hofen
    Job Communication On Site
    Key: gadd3

  • Fall 2010 Bracamontes
    The Evolution of Rock Support in One Old Mine in Mexico
    Key: z0jnc

  • Fall 2010 von der Hofen
    Sustainability with a Capital ?S?
    Key: gafwu

  • Fall 2010 Zhang
    Is Shotcrete Sustainable?
    Key: poa17

  • Fall 2010 Zweifel
    Shotcrete Domes: A Model of Sustainability
    Key: tzgta

  • Fall 2010 Carl E. Akeley Award
    2009 Carl E. Akeley Award
    Key: qlwon

  • Spring 2010 ASA President?s Award
    Fall 2010 ASA President?s Award
    Key: j8bie

  • Spring 2010 Duckworth
    Are You Using the Right Wet-Mix Nozzle?
    Key: rtph1

  • Spring 2010 Outstanding Architectural Project
    Surrey 2010 Olympic Games Preparation Center
    Key: cbvgy

  • Spring 2010 Outstanding Infrastructure Project
    2009 Outstanding Infrastructure Project: The Dan Ryan Expressway
    Key: o2iml

  • Spring 2010 Outstanding International Project
    2009 Outstanding International Project: CEMEX Bayano Plant No. 2 Line Expansion
    Key: 40m0t

  • Spring 2010 Outstanding Pool & Recreational Project
    2009 Outstanding Pool & Recreational Project: Scheiner Watershape
    Key: qi0o

  • Spring 2010 Outstanding Repair & Rehabilitation Project
    2009 Outstanding Repair & Rehabilitation Project: Seismic Retrofit to the University of Memphis? Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law
    Key: l05ac

  • Spring 2010 Outstanding Underground Project
    2009 Outstanding Underground Project: The Heartland Corridor Clearance Improvement Project: Vaughan, Roderfield, Laurel, and Gordon Tunnels
    Key: zb7re

  • Spring 2010 Lacher
    Progression of Work after Shotcrete Application
    Key: kvqis

  • Spring 2010 Isaak
    Certi?cation vs. Quali?cation of Shotcrete Nozzlemen
    Key: flahs

  • Spring 2010 Sofis
    Get Your Nozzlemen Certified
    Key: 1yhfu

  • Summer 2010 ACI RAP Bulletin 12
    Field Guide to Concrete Repair Application Procedures
    Key: mup4c

  • Summer 2010 Drakeley Industries, LL
    Corporate Member Profile: Drakeley Industries, LL
    Key: 9q6u7

  • Summer 2010 Ferland and Sawoszcruk
    Wabush Wharf Rehabilitation
    Key: q9bd2

  • Summer 2010 Hanskat
    Shotcrete in Liquid-Containing Concrete Structures
    Key: 45cdt

  • Summer 2010 Duckworth
    Is Your Wet-Mix Placement System Safe?
    Key: 4m00s

  • Summer 2010 Werner
    Waterproofing?Is it Necessary in Pool Construction?
    Key: yhq1m

  • Summer 2010 Sofis
    Rigging for Shotcrete
    Key: b74y2

  • Summer 2010 Sofis
    Shotcrete Repairs to Infrastructure
    Key: fsuzb

  • Summer 2010 Norton
    Wet-Process Shotcrete Placement Formula for Nozzlemen: M+A+R+V+S=PHD
    Key: 3cohb

  • Summer 2010 von der Holen
    The Howard A. Hanson Dam
    Key: 80f7j

  • Winter 2010 Abbott
    Canada Line Cut and Cover Tunnel Shotcrete Shoring
    Key: ezzjn

  • Winter 2010 ACI’s Shotcrete Nozzleman Certification Programme
    ACI’s Shotcrete Nozzleman Certification Programme Arrives in Asia
    Key: 2tou6

  • Winter 2010 Bolduc and Jolin
    Shotcrete Boiled Water Absorption
    Key: 8rghk

  • Winter 2010 King Packaged Materials Company
    Corporate Member Profile: King Packaged Materials Company
    Key: 26xr0

  • Winter 2010 Outstanding Infrastructure Project
    2008 Outstanding Infrastructure Project: Abraham Lincoln Memorial Bridge
    Key: fycbd

  • Winter 2010 Lacher
    Special Shotcrete Inspection in Swimming Pool Construction
    Key: uvu2s

  • Winter 2010 Zynda
    Forming: A Balance Act
    Key: 7bnol

  • Winter 2010 Adams
    Is There Fly Ash in Your Future?
    Key: vw1l7

  • Winter 2010 Cotter
    What?s Wrong with This Shotcrete Material? It?s Not Bonding!
    Key: a14ct

  • Winter 2010 Concrete Monthly
    Up Against a Wall
    Key: 3wkji

  • Winter 2010 White Jr.
    Westview Tower Underside Roof Slab Concrete Repairs
    Key: bl6ck

  • Fall 2011 Ampey
    Art, Design, and Shotcrete? Miami Beach?s New World Symphony Concert Hall
    Key: lyhja

  • Fall 2011 Blastcrete Equipment Company
    Corporate Member Profile: Blastcrete Equipment Company
    Key: db5kl

  • Fall 2011 Blickle
    Celebrating Mexican Soccer Past, Present, and Future
    Key: qk82z

  • Fall 2011 Duckworth
    Imitating Nature?s Rock Features
    Key: bqung

  • Fall 2011 Duckworth
    California Wine Caves Showcase Wet-Mix Shotcrete
    Key: k43yk

  • Fall 2011 Derochie
    You Can?t Shoot What You Can?t See
    Key: m0b1h

  • Fall 2011 Hanskat
    Prestressed Concrete Tanks? Mundane? Or Architectural Gems?
    Key: ewk0f

  • Fall 2011 von der Hofen
    So You Want to Be A Nozzleman?
    Key: a2a0k

  • Fall 2011 Phillips
    A Shotcrete Success Story
    Key: o6y87

  • Fall 2011 von der Hofen
    Simple and Safe
    Key: p0nnm

  • Fall 2011 Bittner
    Rankin Bridge
    Key: his11

  • Fall 2011 Sustainability
    Top Ten Sustainability Benefits of Shotcrete
    Key: hmri6

  • Fall 2011 Brady
    The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same
    Key: 7f6go

  • Key: opjm8

  • Spring 2011 Millette
    Changing the Traditional Shotcrete Mixture to Suit Underground Applications
    Key: rr65u

  • Spring 2011 Bittner
    2010 Outstanding Underground Project: Liberty Tunnels Phase 2
    Key: xocls

  • Spring 2011 Hydro-Arch
    Corporate Member Profile: Hydro-Arch
    Key: e1lj9

  • Spring 2011 Duckworth
    The Correct Use of Line Lubricants
    Key: xtwxs

  • Spring 2011 Drakeley
    Soundview YMCA
    Key: oq2ed

  • Spring 2011 Pirkle and Boddie
    2010 Outstanding Repair & Rehabilitation Project: Concrete Arch Bridge No. 6.45 over 31st Street, Queens, NY
    Key: 1ifxt

  • Spring 2011 Hutter
    Reducing the Risk of Airborne Hazards
    Key: 4xs0b

  • Spring 2011 Sofis
    The Question of Bonding Compounds and Shotcrete
    Key: q3u6b

  • Spring 2011 Sustainability
    Top Ten Sustainability Benefits of Shotcrete
    Key: uyzyy

  • Spring 2011 Millette
    Using Accelerators for Shotcreting
    Key: qetr5

  • Summer 2011 Burkert
    Differences and Similarities of Shotcrete Specifications
    Key: qk6jh

  • Summer 2011 Odendaal
    Changing Methods of Sinking Vertical Shafts in Mining
    Key: h9oiv

  • Summer 2011 Hanskat
    Shotcrete Testing? Who, Why, When, and How
    Key: evpsx

  • Summer 2011 Metro Testing Laboratories Ltd.
    Corporate Member Profile: Metro Testing Laboratories Ltd.
    Key: 5tj6k

  • Summer 2011 Duckworth
    Nozzleman Techniques: Improve Accuracy and Reduce Fatigue
    Key: ldgew

  • Summer 2011 Yoggy
    The Elevated Gam
    Key: mjpn5

  • Summer 2011 Schallom III
    Third-Rail Safety
    Key: u3xsl

  • Summer 2011 Seabrook
    Performance-Based Specifications for Shotcrete Contracts
    Key: fx7je

  • Summer 2011 Scott
    Flexibility of Shotcrete? Pools, Spas, and Waterfalls
    Key: y1wui

  • Summer 2011 Sustainability
    Top Ten Sustainability Benefits of Shotcrete
    Key: g00ly

  • Summer 2011 Duckworth
    Crossing the Line
    Key: sec84

  • Winter 2011 Blickle
    Shotcrete in China?s Longest Tunneling Project
    Key: 8x8lf

  • Winter 2011 Pool Engineering Inc.
    Corporate Member Profile: Pool Ennnnngineering Inc.
    Key: hygww

  • Winter 2011 Ballou
    Mine Visits and Safety
    Key: iryu2

  • Winter 2011 McDonald
    Equipment Selection?The Key to a Successful Soil Nailing Project
    Key: 91ie6

  • Winter 2011 Duckworth
    Can Nozzleman Skill Affect Bond Quality?
    Key: wukyp

  • Winter 2011 Leone
    Skatepark Designs Elevate Shotcrete Craftsmanship
    Key: 8lh9i

  • Winter 2011 Pulver
    Wet-Mix for a Traditionally Dry-Mix Application
    Key: ds0e8

  • 2011 Fall Duckworth
    California Wine Caves Showcase Wet-Mix Shotcrete
    Key: m0yw1

  • 2011 Winter Pulver
    Wet-Mix for a Traditionally Dry-Mix Application
    Key: 4zm0n

  • Winter 2011 Brown, Giroux and Hutter
    Shotcrete as a Long-Term Solution to Power Canal Wall Stabilization
    Key: 2wv14

  • Winter 2011 Reny and Jolin
    Improve Your Shotcrete: Use Coarse Aggregates!
    Key: 6uwml

  • Winter 2011 Yoggy
    Underground Shotcreting
    Key: d587l

  • Fall 2012 Brady
    Chetoogeta Mountain W&A Railroad Tunnel
    Key: xm3lh

  • Fall 2012 Bernard
    The Influence of Reinforcement on Relative Creep Deformations in Shotcrete Linings
    Key: bcr98

  • Fall 2012 Kasdi and Totten
    Seismic Retrofit of California Memorial Stadium
    Key: 3obp

  • Fall 2012 Maxwell and Sawyer
    RAM Construction Services Makes History
    Key: o50pk

  • Fall 2012 Multicrete Systems Inc.
    Corporate Member Profile: Multicrete Systems Inc.
    Key: vspi7

  • Fall 2012 Millette
    How Important Is Shooting Sequence?
    Key: l4o02

  • Fall 2012 Guarino
    Perimeter-Overflow Negative-Edge Pool with Beach-Entry Spa
    Key: o0ulh

  • Fall 2012 Bray and Duckworth
    False Security
    Key: ry1v2

  • Fall 2012 Sofis
    The South Side Market House
    Key: s3b3p

  • Fall 2012 Sofis
    Restoring a Civil War Monument
    Key: qm6gx

  • Fall 2012 Sustainability
    Top Ten Sustainability Benefits of Shotcrete
    Key: h9nox

  • Fall 2012 Zhang
    When to Extract Cores
    Key: 8ka7x

  • Fall 2012 von der Hofen
    The Oregon City Bridge (Part I)
    Key: 5vllh

  • Spring 2012 Carl E. Akeley Award
    2011 Carl E. Akeley Award
    Key: mw63h

  • Spring 2012 ASA President?s Award
    2011 ASA President?s Award
    Key: hwf4u

  • Spring 2012 Isaac and Mellett
    Soleri Bridge and Plaza
    Key: mducp

  • Spring 2012 P & M Service Specialists, Inc.
    Corporate Member Profile: P & M Service Specialists, Inc.
    Key: wo8oy

  • Spring 2012 Seel
    Shotcrete Saves the Day? Restoring a Crumbling Rock Face
    Key: tg4br

  • Spring 2012 Pinney
    Blaine Hill Viaduct Bridge? Route 40 Ohio Department of Transportation 248-10
    Key: iwbpe

  • Spring 2012 Robertson
    2011 Outstanding Infrastructure Project: Portage Bridge 2010 Structure Rehabilitation
    Key: gsj0w

  • Spring 2012 He, Miller, Beaupre and Dufour
    2011 Outstanding International Project: Al Ain Wildlife Park & Resort Retaining Wall and Artificial Rocks
    Key: qup2f

  • Spring 2013 Scott
    2011 Outstanding Pool & Recreational Project: The Garrison Inn Project
    Key: lf8iz

  • Spsring 2012 Totten and Ryan
    2011 Outstanding Repair & Rehabilitation Project: ODOT U.S. Highway 26 Dennis L. Edwards Tunnel Project
    Key: 8stsm

  • Spring 2012 Clements
    The Danger of Fallouts in Overhead Shooting
    Key: cwtx5

  • Sspring 2012 Sustainability
    Top Ten Sustainability Benefits of Shotcrete
    Key: oz6qf

  • Spring 2012 Brady
    2011 Outstanding Underground Project: Incline Tunnel?S&S Quarries, Inc.
    Key: dfvuj

  • Spring 2012 Brady
    2011 Outstanding Underground Project: Incline Tunnel?S&S Quarries, Inc.
    Key: wy4cj

  • Summer 2012 Ampey
    The Evolution of the Swimming Pool
    Key: 7im4p

  • Summer 2012 Grace
    Corporate Member Profile: Grace
    Key: 8ti8n

  • Summer 2016 Drakeley
    Natural Fit
    Key: pura0

  • Summer 2016 Zhang
    Accelerator Dosing Pump Calibration and Verification
    Key: izo8q

  • Summer 2012 Guarino and Guarino
    Brown University
    Key: o1f4d

  • Summer 2012 Duckworth
    Shotcrete Nozzleman Basics? Vertical Wall Construction
    Key: ibfmm

  • Summer 2012 Pool & Recreational Shotcrete Corner
    Pool & Recreational Shotcrete Corner
    Key: wxjti

  • Summer 2012 Ampey
    Avoiding Heat-Related Illnesses
    Key: 37cft

  • Summer 2012 Scott
    The Right Choice
    Key: ua665

  • Summer 2012 Williams
    Rusty Steel
    Key: m6nqh

  • Summer 2012 Sustainability
    New Construction Speed Savings of 33 to 50%
    Key: e11bl

  • Summer 2016 Guarino
    Swimming Pool Scaffolding
    Key: xfa7h

  • Winter 2012 Prestige Concrete Product
    Corporate Member Profile: Prestige Concrete Product
    Key: dm1nm

  • Winter 2012 Harrison
    Underground Shotcrete Roof Repair of Hanging Lake Tunnel
    Key: lu5v7

  • Winter 2012 Hutter and Singh
    The Use of Shotcrete as a Repair Process for Ontario Bridge Structures
    Key: zp818

  • Winter 2012 Nozzleman Knowledge
    ACI Certification Policies for Shotcrete Nozzlemen
    Key: 2vl3j

  • Winter 2012 Pool & Recreational Shotcrete Corner
    Pool & Recreational Shotcrete Corner
    Key: 7yj5i

  • Winter 2012 Sofis
    Static Electricity
    Key: aqequ

  • Winter 2012 Sawoszczuk and Bordeleau

    Key: if7og

  • Winter 2012 Sawyer
    The Morris Street Bridge Rehabilitation
    Key: oyorx

  • Winter 2012 Sofis
    Shotcrete: Old Specifications and Misconceptions
    Key: najox

  • Winter 2012 Sustainability
    Crane and Other Equipment Savings or Elimination
    Key: rem8f

  • Winter 2012 Zhang
    Air Content in Shotcrete: As-Shot Versus As-Batched
    Key: jboep

  • Winter 2012 White Jr.
    Pineda Causeway Bridge Rehabilitation
    Key: rn11x

  • White 2012 Zhang, Ezzet, Shanahan, Morgan and Sukumar
    Ruskin Dam Spillway Shotcrete Assessed
    Key: 9lx5k

  • Fall 2013 Dongell
    Limestone Cement in Shotcrete
    Key: lyo68

  • The Use of Recycled Glass in Shotcrete
    Key: vq5ho

  • Fall 2013 Pickett and Thomas
    Where Are We Now with Sprayed Concrete Lining in Tunnels?
    Key: zqckn

  • Fall 2013 Guarino
    Volumetric Batching of Wet-Mix Shotcrete
    Key: hdx0n

  • Fall 2013 Ferguson
    Dry-Mix Equipment Maintenance
    Key: s3uqy

  • Fall 2013 Scott
    Success in Shotcreting Begins with Forming
    Key: t5gg3

  • Fall 2013 Riverdale Mills Corporation
    Corporate Member Profile: Riverdale Mills Corporation
    Key: 6brv2

  • Fall 2013 Pay
    The Clamp That Failed
    Key: n57ub

  • Fall 2013 Shotcrete Classics
    Shotcrete Classics
    Key: ryce7

  • Fall 2013 Reny and Clements
    Reaching 20 MPa (2900 psi) in 2 Hours is Possible
    Key: 3dsns

  • Fall 2013 Sawoszczuk, Noken and Jolin
    Sustainable Shotcrete Using Blast-Furnace Slag
    Key: 2aw6z

  • Fall 2013 Ginouse and Jolin
    Material Velocity at the Nozzle
    Key: 30h29

  • Spring 2013 Becker
    Fort McHenry Tunnel Miscellaneous Structural Repairs
    Key: m2193

  • Spring 2013 Burkert
    How Carl Akeley Saved Christmas
    Key: lispc

  • Spring 2013 Ballou
    Rapid-Setting Cement in Shotcrete
    Key: 7sdoj

  • Spring 2013 H&H Restoration Inc.
    Corporate Member Profile: H&H Restoration Inc.
    Key: o3i4p

  • Spring 2013 McFadden
    Soudan Mine Shaft Rehabilitation
    Key: a09r8

  • Spring 2013 Drakeley Jr.
    Perfecting Placement
    Key: lmsfp

  • Spring 2013 Sofis
    Shotcrete Work in Confined Space Area
    Key: 7eqr

  • Spring 2013 Farley
    Meadow Brook Hall Historic Bridge Restoration
    Key: sk0ml

  • Spring 2013 Sustainability
    Adaptability to Repair Surfaces That Are Not Cost-Effective with Other Processes
    Key: talf7

  • Spring 2013 Reny
    Surface Preparation for Shotcrete Repair
    Key: zxvkq

  • Spring 2013 von der Hofen
    The Oregon City Bridge, Part II
    Key: cg0pg

  • Summer 2013 In Memoriam
    In Memoriam: Ed Brady
    Key: ujr46

  • Summer 2013 Drakeley Jr.
    ACI Nozzleman Certification Sessions: What Not To Do
    Key: y9qik

  • Summer 2013 Dufour, Jolin and Emmrich
    Shotcrete Nozzlemen: ASA Educates?ACI Certifies
    Key: onbum

  • Summer 2013 Drakeley Jr.
    The Learning Curve
    Key: v39tn

  • Summer 2013 Hanskat
    Qualifications of the Shotcrete Construction Team
    Key: 2zm02

  • Summer 2013 Duckworth
    Can You Pass the Strength Panel Test?
    Key: 1vtku

  • Summer 2013 Pool and Recreational Shotcrete Corner
    Pool and Recreational Shotcrete Corner
    Key: 4lhez

  • Summer 2013 Superior Gunite Company Johnson Western Gunite Company
    Corporate Member Profile: Superior Gunite Company Johnson Western Gunite Company
    Key: ftzir

  • Summer 2013 Burkert
    Communication Is Key to Job-Site Safety
    Key: w4h1d

  • Summer 2013 Hanskat
    U.S. Shotcrete Standards Update
    Key: do960

  • Summer 2013 Sustainability
    Ability to Access Restricted Space and Difficult-to-Reach Areas, Including Overhead and Underground
    Key: g5wo8

  • Summer 2013 In Memoriam
    In Memoriam: Peter C. Tatnall
    Key: bmrif

  • Summer 2013 Schallom III and Jolin
    Proper Selection of Equipment and Nozzle for ACI Shotcrete Nozzleman Certification
    Key: ud915

  • Summer 2013 von der Hofen
    Shotcrete Contractor Qualification
    Key: k38n5

  • Winter 2013 Carl E. Akeley Award
    2012 Carl E. Akeley Award
    Key: 9ozqd

  • Winter 2103 ASA President’s Award
    2012 ASA President’s Award
    Key: orgjo

  • Winter 2013 Hawkins
    VanDusen Botanical Gardens
    Key: xne6z

  • Key: dyc3t

  • Winter 2013 Cruz
    Fort Mott State Park? Rehabilitation Phase I
    Key: m53ca

  • Winter 2013 Taylor
    Structural Repair of Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier Cycle of Life
    Key: vwytp

  • Winter 2013 Youkhana
    The North Burlington Skatepark Project
    Key: h9nrd

  • Winter 2013 Yun, Choi and Kim
    Hydrodemolition and Shotcrete for Rehabilitating a Reservoir Spillway
    Key: kkxpd

  • Winter 2013 Kasdi and Toten
    lifornia Memorial Stadiu
    Key: jnz71

  • Winter 2013 Czajka
    The Museum of the History of Polish Jews
    Key: 3r3qu

  • Winter 2013 Guarino
    2012 Outstanding Pool & Recreational Project
    Key: 1zr82

  • Winter 2013 Maxwell and Sawyer
    St. Paul Union Depot
    Key: doqzr

  • Winter 2013 Sustainability
    Better Bonding to the Substrate Enhances Durability
    Key: fc5rp

  • Winter 2013 Bittner, Laviolette and Laviolette
    2012 Outstanding Underground Projec: CSX Pinkerton Tunnel
    Key: ufau8

  • Fall 2014 Drakeley Jr.
    Considerations for Underground Training
    Key: 4dfm1

  • Fall 2014 Croutch
    Pedestrian Tunnel at Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport
    Key: f00u

  • Ultra Rapid Strength Development in Dry-Mix Shotcrete for Ultra Rapid Support in Challenging Mining Conditions
    Key: w01t7

  • Fall 2014 Lukkarila
    Providing Sulfate Resistance in Severe Exposure Conditions
    Key: q5dsv

  • Fall 2014 Millette
    EFNARC Nozzleman Certification Scheme
    Key: ntrr2

  • Fall 2014 Duckworth
    Part II of a Two-Part Series on Wet-Mix Equipment Maintenance
    Key: kcwmw

  • Fall 2014 Guarino
    Shotcrete versus Cast-in-Place for Pools
    Key: 2i18s

  • Fall 2014 Hutter
    Awareness of Cement Burns
    Key: oqb0s

  • Fall 2019 Millette and Jolin
    Shotcrete Accelerators for Wet-Mix
    Key: r0ufu

  • Fall 2014 Zhang
    Variability of Compressive Strength of Shotcrete in a Tunnel-Lining Project
    Key: ojrng

  • Spring 2013 Andersen
    Briardale Gardens
    Key: fws2t

  • Spring 2014 Balck, Oyenarte, Williams and Williams
    Shotcrete in Qatar
    Key: yqwjd

  • Spring 2014 Hutter
    Does Dry-Mix Shotcrete Have to be Dusty?
    Key: qexdu

  • Spring 2014 Millette
    Hagerbach Underground Test Gallery
    Key: j7u1s

  • Spring 2014 Baur
    Shotcrete Hose/ System Cleanout Safety
    Key: nxvl3

  • Spring 2014 Drakeley Jr.
    Honoring the Past
    Key: jln4u

  • Sping 2014 Coastal Gunite Construction Company
    Corporate Member Profile: Coastal Gunite Construction Company
    Key: 1g3kt

  • Spring 2014 Kultgen
    Hose Selection and Safety in Concrete Pumping
    Key: 1opet

  • Spring 2014 Schreiner
    Job Report on Hydropower Station in Stanzertal, Austria
    Key: pclnc

  • Spring 2014 Balck
    Shotcrete Testing around the World
    Key: 903a

  • Spring 2014 Hanskat
    Shotcrete Placed in Multiple Layers does NOT Create Cold Joints
    Key: tpjxy

  • Summer 2014 Drakeley
    Top of the Class
    Key: qkbu3

  • Summer 2014 Emmrich
    Bridge Preservation over the Oregon Inlet
    Key: mmme9

  • Summer 2014 Madsen
    Shotcreting on Frozen Ground
    Key: dzh95

  • Summer 2014 Duckworth
    Improper On-Job Lubrication Will Dramatically Reduce Wet-Mix Equipment Service Life
    Key: qlxc3

  • Summer 2014 Pirkle and Ogburn
    Marine Structures: Pier Projects
    Key: ug4rn

  • Summer 2014 Guarino
    Saltwater Pools
    Key: wzwli

  • Summer 2014 Construction Forms, Inc.
    Corporate Member Profile: Construction Forms, Inc.
    Key: wts8z

  • Summer 2014 CTS Cement Manufacturing Corporation
    Corporate Member Pfrofile: CTS Cement Manufacturing Corporation
    Key: lo1a2

  • Summer 2014 Hutter
    Fallouts Can Be Deadly!
    Key: r3ezv

  • Summer 2014 McDonald and Hutter
    The Use of Shotcrete for Construction of Backfill Barricades in Mining Environments
    Key: p7ums

  • Summer 2014 Giroux and Reny
    2005 Outstanding Repair and Rehabilitation Project: Pointe de la Prairie Lighthouse
    Key: g2kj7

  • Summer 2014 Millette
    Retarders versus Set Stabilizers
    Key: 8j5hn

  • Summer 2014 Whitmore and Ball
    Using Galvanic Anodes in Shotcrete Repairs
    Key: lhht9

  • Winter 2014 Carl E. Akeley Award
    2013 Carl E. Akeley Award
    Key: l20qv

  • Winter 2014 Ringler, Reyes and Glezer
    2013 Outstanding Architecture Project: Comprehensive Geotechnical Solutions Transform Old to New
    Key: dsy7q

  • Winter 2014 Pugliese
    2013 Outstanding Infrastructure Project: Interstate 81 Safety Corridor Improvements
    Key: uoa9h

  • Winter 2014 Duffield
    2013 Outstanding International Project: Cadia East Project
    Key: hv5vf

  • Winter 2014 Drakeley Jr.
    2013 Outstanding Pool & Recreational Project – Cliffside Plunge: Rewriting the Rules for Concrete Placement
    Key: oij0n

  • Winter 2014 ASA President?s Award
    2013 ASA President?s Award
    Key: z8u3k

  • Winter 2014 Putzmeister Shotcrete Technology
    Corporate Member Profile: Putzmeister Shotcrete Technology
    Key: 191hf

  • Winter 2014 ASA
    ASA 2013 Outstanding Shotcrete Project Awards Sponsors
    Key: y9b6w

  • Winter 2014 von der Hofen
    2013 Outstanding Repair & Rehabilitation Project: The Oregon City Arch Bridge
    Key: cuwc0

  • Winter 2014 Hanskat
    American Shotcrete Association?s Board of Direction Position Paper #1
    Key: r4xoo

  • Winter 2014 Sustainability
    Shotcrete = Sustainability
    Key: ai8qv

  • Winter 2014 Drakeley Jr. and Rand
    2013 Outstanding Underground Project10/05/2020 : The Learning Curve
    Key: a4ruf

  • Fall 2015 Betschart
    Wet-Mix Shotcrete? with the Flexibility of Dry Mix
    Key: q7ddv

  • Fall 2015 Cielocha
    A Team Approach to Any Project is the Best Approach
    Key: jj09m

  • Fall 2015 Active Minerals International, LLC
    Corporate Member Profile: Active Minerals International, LLC
    Key: e8l43

  • Fall 2015 Townsend
    Northern Boulevard Crossing Tunnel CQ039
    Key: gmjo6

  • Fall 2015 Guarino and Norman
    Mobile Batching of Shotcrete
    Key: vva1r

  • Fall 2015 McDonald and Cruz
    Materials Handling Underground
    Key: t472v

  • Fall 2015 Scott
    Commentary on Watertightness and Waterproofing of Shotcrete
    Key: r67yu

  • Fall 2015 Guarino and Norman

    Key: 8je2h

  • Fall 2015 Schallom III
    Choosing Your Wet or Dry Shotcrete Equipment Wisely
    Key: zdxnk

  • Fall 2015 Soif
    The Energy Innovation Center
    Key: jsyw8

  • Fall 2015 Oberlink and Jewell
    Rapidly Deployable Shotcrete System
    Key: d7yli

  • Fall 2015 Bent
    Shotcrete Delivery System? A Football Perspective
    Key: g95kv

  • Spring 2015 Nationwide Shotcrete, Inc.
    Corporate Member Profile: Nationwide Shotcrete, Inc.
    Key: 1jbop

  • Spring 2015 Dongell
    Durability and Exposure Conditions of Cementitious Materials
    Key: 2xz6q

  • Spring 2015 Ginouse and Clements
    Durability Investigation of Ultra-Rapid Strength-Gain Dry-Mix Shotcrete
    Key: p5ldx

  • Spring 2015 Emmrich
    Sewer Rehabilitation Using Shotcrete
    Key: o8exq

  • Spring 2015 ASA Graduate Student Scholarship
    2014-2015 Research Updates
    Key: sm4ty

  • Spring 2015 Bradford
    Evaluating Ready Mix Suppliers
    Key: etjta

  • Spring 2015 Drakeley
    Industry Update
    Key: dxi6x

  • Spring 2015 Pay and P
    The Hidden Danger of Noise
    Key: cprfq

  • Spring 2015 Townsend III
    Layers in New York City Overhead Tunnels
    Key: 4k482

  • Spring 2015 Sofis
    The Durability of Shotcrete? Looking Back at Projects from 30 to 40 Years Ago
    Key: ws0ph

  • Spring 2015 Harrison
    Sustainable Transportation Retaining Walls
    Key: zu7v7

  • Spring 2015 Ferguson
    A Closer Look at the Benefits of Predampening
    Key: u1t7r

  • Spring 2015 Yurdakul and Rieder
    Effect of Pozzolanic-Based Rheology Control Agent as a Replacement for Silica Fume on Wet-Mix Shotcrete Performance
    Key: djgcd

  • Spring 2015 Zhang
    Testing Air Content of Dry-Mix Shotcrete
    Key: wnsw6

  • Summer 2015 HCM SHOTCRETE a Div. of HC MATCON INC.
    Corporate Member Profile: HCM SHOTCRETE a Div. of HC MATCON INC.
    Key: f59iu

  • Summer 2015 Dongell
    Swimming Pool Penetrations
    Key: qpnv0

  • Summer 2015 Winterberg and Nitschke
    In-Service Performance of Macrosynthetic Fiber-Reinforced Tunnel Linings
    Key: c8qdn

  • Summer 2015 Guarino
    Project Profile: Underwood Pool Belmont, MA
    Key: fmrpw

  • Summer 2015 Scott
    Hot-Weather Shotcreting
    Key: tekqf

  • Summer 2015 Vaughan
    Certification Lessons Learned from the Pool Industry
    Key: aiu4g

  • Summer 2015 Corner
    Pre-Job Safety Checks
    Key: xeoje

  • Summer 2015 Samuels and Drakeley
    Key: 2ebrl

  • Summer 2015 Scott
    Shotcrete in Landscape Design
    Key: gzd05

  • Summer 2015 Sofis
    Why Bonding Compounds are Not Recommended with Shotcrete
    Key: 1pzjc

  • Summer 2015 Schallom III and Emmrich
    Need to Get a Project Completed Efficiently? Employ Shotcrete!
    Key: av1vr

  • Summer 2015 Dongell and Werner
    Controlling Efflorescence
    Key: stnkt

  • Winter 2015 ASA
    ASA 2014 Outstanding Shotcrete Project Awards Sponsors
    Key: 2b19a

  • Winter 2015 Carl E. Akeley Award
    2014 Carl E. Akeley Award
    Key: yoty7

  • Winter 2015 CCS Group, LLC
    Corporate Member Profile: CCS Group, LLC
    Key: 453me

  • 2014 Outstanding Infrastructure Project – McCormick Dam & Power Station: Submerged Concrete Repairs
    Key: frprt

  • Winter 2015 Doyle
    2014 Outstanding Repair & Rehabilitation Project: The 606-Bloomingdale Trail | Viaduct Repairs
    Key: gchl2

  • Winter 2015 Drakeley Jr.
    2014 Outstanding Pool & Recreational Project: A Natural Look, an Exact Science
    Key: 21qg0

  • Winter 2015 Flanagan
    2014 Outstanding International Project: Accoustic Shells
    Key: gybh2

  • Winter 2015 Graham
    Long Prairie Digester Rehabilitation Project
    Key: xij0w

  • Winter 2015 Mendoza
    Alameda Square
    Key: tur1s

  • Winter 2015 Nitschke and Becker
    Liberty Tunnel Arch Restoration with a Shotcrete Alternative
    Key: e3pnd

  • Winter 2015 Schallom III
    Workers? Dust Protec
    Key: brc6h

  • Winter 2015 Osborne
    Use of Cathodic Protection in a Shotcrete System
    Key: ekrkl

  • Winter 2015 Zeiger, Cadieux, Laviolette, Laviolette, Laviolette and Sparks II
    2014 Outstanding Underground Project: Robinson Creek Tunnel Fire
    Key: jtj48

  • 2019 Winter Becker and Emmrich
    Tiber Creek Sewer Rehabilitation
    Key: qyetw

  • 2019 Winter Cruz
    Queens Midtown Tunnel Rehabilitation
    Key: toge2

  • 2019 Winter Curtis
    Making Concrete Waves at Frisco?s Northeast Community Skatepark
    Key: 1dkas

  • 2019 Winter Klein
    Academy Museum of Motion Pictures
    Key: 24yqy

  • 2019 Winter MAPEI
    MAPEI Underground Technology Team
    Key: lplll

  • 2019 Winter Torrent
    Torrent Shotcrete
    Key: qwjno

  • 2019 Winter Strever
    Pampoen Nek Cutting
    Key: rv945

  • 2019 Winter Haggerty
    Oroville Dam Emergency Recovery
    Key: hcgyl

  • 2019 Winter Durham
    Brattleboro Bridge Project
    Key: uvlvp

  • 2019 Winter Bracamontes
    Understanding What Can Cause Problems with Concrete and Shotcrete?Part 1
    Key: gcs0y

  • 2019 Winter
    2018 ASA President?s Award
    Key: gvav2

  • 2019 Winter
    2018 Carl E. Akeley Award
    Key: p4rtc

  • 2019 Winter
    Key: ls19k

  • Summer 2019 Zhang
    Tunnel Shotcrete Lining for Hydroelectric Projects
    Key: angrw

  • Summer 2019 Brunken
    Norick State Fair Arena Structural Repairs
    Key: 8uqfc

  • Summer 2019 Myers
    When Cement Turns Against You
    Key: f4x1v

  • Summer 2019 Radomski
    Structural Modifications to Hydroelectric Turbine Draft Tube Ceiling
    Key: seyjv

  • Summer 2019 Drakeley
    The Importance of ASA?s Outstanding Shotcrete Project Awards Program
    Key: ovavl

  • Summer 2019 Superior Gunite
    Superior Gunite
    Key: 3bk33

  • Summer 2019 Western Shotcrete Equipment
    Western Shotcrete Equipment
    Key: gx413

  • Summer 2019 Ireland
    The Use of Shotcrete as a Repair Process for Marine Structures
    Key: 4h7zg

  • Summer 2019 Schallom
    Properly Securing Hoses to Manlifts and Scaffold
    Key: qel7q

  • Summer 2019 Bracamontes
    Flood Control Channels Made with Shotcrete
    Key: 2os1e

  • Spring 2019 Trujillo
    Bond Strength of Reinforcing Bars with Varying Encapsulation Qualities
    Key: 4g9dj

  • Spring 2019 Myers
    Concrete in the Cloud
    Key: 6zgmf

  • Spring 2019 Sofis
    D?j? vu, West Aliquippa, PA
    Key: 3oqq1

  • Spring 2019 Oakes
    Are Feathered Edges Ever Appropriate?
    Key: tgdty

  • Spring 2019 Pirkle
    Hudson River Park Repairs
    Key: sodsw

  • Spring 2019 Myers
    Tourism Versus Shotcrete
    Key: i6b0c

  • Spring 2019 The QUIKRETE Companies
    The QUIKRETE Companies
    Key: bkvsy

  • Spring 2019 Knowles Industrial Services Corporation
    Knowles Industrial Services Corporation
    Key: inrf7

  • Spring 2019 LaPrade
    Concrete Repairs of the Wright Memorial Bridge
    Key: jju1

  • Spring 2019 ICRI
    ICRI: 30 Years and Getting Stronger
    Key: j0x8b

  • Spring 2019 Drakeley
    Swimming Pool Renovation with Shotcrete
    Key: zaqyw

  • Spring 2019 Bracamontes
    Understanding What Can Cause Problems with Concrete and Shotcrete?Part 2
    Key: nvmn2

  • Spring 2019 Clements Robertson
    Compatible Shotcrete Specifications and Repair Materials
    Key: adc0t

  • Spring 2019 Sponsors
    ASA Sponsors
    Key: pri5g

  • Winter 2018 von der Hofen
    ASA?s Contractor Qualification Program
    Key: 8a1p9

  • Winter 2018 Schallom
    Hydro-Mix Nozzle Setups
    Key: mlxct

  • Winter 2018 Yun, Kim, Morgan
    2018 Winter Olympics Sliding Track Mockup Test
    Key: 7mm8c

  • Winter 2018 Reeves
    Dry-Mix Gun with Mobile Volumetric Batching Equipment
    Key: u3pag

  • Winter 2018 King
    Contractor Setup Considerations for New Construction
    Key: 7o8zw

  • Winter 2018 Hay
    The History of Shotcrete Equipment
    Key: brfko

  • Winter 2018 Hanskat
    ACI Nozzleman Certification – Why, Who, When, and How
    Key: yowgh

  • Winter 2018 Townsend and Rubi
    Overhead Shooting against PVC Membrane
    Key: ei34n

  • Winter 2018 Gary Carlson Equipment
    Gary Carlson Equipment Co.
    Key: 5q4vj

  • Winter 2018 Farrell
    Tips for Maintaining High- and Low-Pressure Concrete Pumps
    Key: oglxe

  • Winter 2018 Alaniz
    Responding to an OSHA Inspection
    Key: fwso0

  • Summer 2018 Kultgen
    How It?s Made: Wet-Mix Shotcrete Equipment
    Key: p9u4w

  • Summer 2018 DHI
    Dees Hennessey, Inc.
    Key: e9lqi

  • Summer 2018 Yun
    Cellular Sprayed Concrete
    Key: fbmez

  • Summer 2018 Guarino
    Shotcrete Truck Safety
    Key: 711du

  • Summer 2018 Reeves
    Inadequate Reinforcement in Swimming Pools
    Key: mcz0m

  • Summer 2018 Ramos
    The Restoration of Lincoln Park Fountain
    Key: 1chas

  • Summer 2018 Hanskat
    Overview of ASA Position Statements on Shotcrete Pool Construction
    Key: b9wqx

  • Summer 2018 Guarino and Oakes
    Gunite Versus Shotcrete in Swimming Pool Construction
    Key: xf48

  • Summer 2018 Zhang, Morgan, Walter, McInnes, Rule, Mitchell
    Shaft Lining with Dry-Mix Shotcrete
    Key: cibxd

  • Summer 2018 GENESIS
    Key: 6zn89

  • Summer 2018 Drakeley
    A Jewel in the Woods
    Key: hmu0j

  • Spring 2018 Canusa Equipment Ltd.
    Canusa Equipment Ltd.
    Key: 5j8bv

  • Spring 2018 Dunlop and Thomas
    Liverpool Central Tunnel High-Level Neck Repairs
    Key: g3qac

  • Spring 2018 Prikle and Jeffreys
    Pier 57 Repair and Improvements
    Key: 8en8g

  • Spring 2018 Oakes
    Three Tier Vanishing Edge Pool
    Key: bdi2c

  • Spring 2018 Drakeley and Allmer
    Recreating a Masterpiece: A Successful Marriage of Cast-in-Place and Shotcrete
    Key: 3jnn2

  • Spring 2018 Yun, Kim and Choi
    Regionally Symbolic Tunnel Portals at Expressway
    Key: 4tw6z

  • Spring 2018 Zimmerman and Bittner
    The Albertus L. Meyers Bridge
    Key: de0wc

  • Spring 2018 Townsend
    Rails Steakhouse Wine Cave
    Key: uga4s

  • Spring 2018 Mendoza
    Surf Ranch 2.0
    Key: vp1n3

  • Spring 2018 Marifosque and Abbott
    Lake Country Wine Tunnels
    Key: spmuw

  • Spring 2018 National Gunite
    National Gunite
    Key: zwkj8

  • Spring 2018 Myers
    Getting the EDGE
    Key: l0nfu

  • Spring 2018 Sponsors
    ASA 2018 Sponsors
    Key: j2alh

  • Spring 2018
    2017 ASA President?s Award
    Key: ef4n8

  • Spring 2018
    2017 Carl E. Akeley Award
    Key: 4v3do

  • Spring 2018
    Key: nw2vt

  • Fall 2018 Townsend
    Shotcreting the East Side Access Program
    Key: jnft5

  • Fall 2018 Thompson and Townsend
    Shotcrete Lining Innovations in the United States
    Key: ppidc

  • Fall 2018 Kultgen
    Chemistry and Heat Treatment
    Key: w83in

  • Fall 2018 KING Shotcrete Solutions
    KING Shotcrete Solutions
    Key: 26hi5

  • Fall 2018 Duckworth
    Can Supplemental Consolidation Extend the Limits of Shotcrete Placement
    Key: 2n316

  • Fall 2018 Myers
    The True Cost of an Injury
    Key: s4z5f

  • Fall 2018 Lacerda and Koivisto
    Towards Automated Concrete Spraying
    Key: 7fwr7

  • Fall 2018 Goss
    Shotcrete Use in the Gold King Mine Rehabilitation
    Key: 7z8n3

  • Fall 2018 Gonzalez
    Creating a Foundation for Success: The Use of Lidar in Tunneling Projects
    Key: 1ffox

  • Fall 2018 Becker
    Simple Still Works
    Key: 82oul

  • Fall 2018 Neptune Coatings
    Neptune Coatings
    Key: vozck

  • Fall 2018 Madole
    Hose and Fitting Wear
    Key: 4xjid

  • Winter 2017 Mircea, Corbu, Maier, Rus
    Rehabilitation of the Suhurlui Irrigation Pipeline
    Key: f30fl

  • Winter 2017 Duckworth
    Trouble in the Air: Common Air System Errors Influence Shotcrete Quality
    Key: vt4nq

  • Winter 2017 Burkert
    Shotcrete Segment of the O?Hare and Midway Reconstruction Project
    Key: icb8h

  • Winter 2017 Guarino
    Coveleigh Club Pool Construction
    Key: 6egfl

  • Winter 2017 Davis
    Holcim New Zealand Cement Terminal
    Key: qj6ec

  • Winter 2017 Robertson and Brassard
    Bordeaux Prison: Rehabilitation and Repair of the Perimeter Walls
    Key: ouc8i

  • Winter 2017 Yun, Kim and Lee
    2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics Sliding Track
    Key: xr2eb

  • Winter 2017 Myers
    The Pacific
    Key: in6kp

  • Winter 2017 Huesler
    Ayla Golf Resort Comfort Stations
    Key: liqs4

  • Winter 2017 South
    Dome Technology Corporate Headquarters
    Key: 7xteu

  • Winter 2017 Jim?nez
    Mexico City Deep Sewer Rehabilitation with Shotcrete
    Key: ek4nz

  • Winter 2017 CanCrete
    CanCrete Equipment Ltd.
    Key: dmue6

  • Winter 2017 Award
    2016 Carl E. Akeley Award
    Key: m18bf

  • Winter 2017 Fulford
    Elephant Lands
    Key: 5802z

  • Winter 2017 Sponsors
    2016 Outstanding Shotcrete Project Awards Sponsors
    Key: w3e2x

  • Winter 2017 Awardees
    Key: u62b

  • Summer 2017 Dongell
    Durability of Shotcrete? Corrosion Protection
    Key: 5gm9h

  • Summer 2017 Stiffler
    Overcoming Existing Corrosion When Using Shotcrete for Repair
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    Shotcrete?The Blindside Waterproofing Solution
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    Aiming for Extended Service Life with Migrating Corrosion Inhibitors
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    Underground at Mines
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  • Summer 2017 REED
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    What?s Happening in There?
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    Bridge and Highway Repairs Using Shotcrete and Cathodic Protection
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    Forming and Substrates in Pool Shotcrete
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    Field Guide to Concrete Repair Application Procedures
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  • Spring 2017 Townsend
    East Side Access Project
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  • Spring 2017 King
    Form-and-Pour to Shotcrete
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  • Spring 2017 Somerville
    Marina Heights Project
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  • Spring 2017 Duckworth
    What?s the Hurry?
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  • Spring 2017 Brazier
    Challenges on the Lagoon at Treasure Island Resort
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    Modeling of Load-Bearing Behavior of Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Tunnel Linings
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    New Hemp-Based Fiber Enhances Wet-Mix Shotcrete Performance
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    Lining Raise-Bore Shafts
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    Innovative Shotcrete Technologies for Advancement in Tunneling
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    Shotcrete Technologies, Inc.
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    Will Trump?s Immigration Stance Foil U.S. Revitalization Plans?
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    A History of Shotcrete in Refractory
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    The Evolution of Shotcrete Evaluation and Testing
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    History of ASA
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    A Brief History of Shotcrete in the Underground Industry
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    Shotcrete Research and Development at Laval University
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    The History of Shotcrete Equipment?Wet Mix
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    Evolution of Shotcrete Materials in the Past 20 Years
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    REED Shotcrete Equipment
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    The History of Shotcrete Equipment
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    History of Wire-Wrapped Circular Prestressed Concrete Tanks
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  • Winter 2016 Townsend
    Northern Boulevard Crossing Tunnel CQ039
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    Squeeze Pumps Safe and Versatile
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    Shotcrete toward Sustainability
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    Railroad Working Safety
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    Soci?t? de transport de Montr?al?Metro Yellow Line Tunnel Repairs
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    Reflecting on a Shotcrete Pool
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    Is Your Compressor Trying to Tell You Something?
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    The Plaza Substation and Queens Structures
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    55th Street Ventilation Facility
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    Enhancement of Shotcrete Performance with a Pozzolanic- Based Rheology Control Agent
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  • Winter 2016 Profile Rieder
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  • Winter 2016 Myers
    Sufism Reoriented Sanctuary
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  • Winter 2016 Award
    2015 Carl E. Akeley Award
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  • Winter 2016 Sponsors
    2015 Outstanding Shotcrete Project Awards Sponsors
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  • Summer 2016 Zynda
    Shotcrete Panels for Evaluation and Testing
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  • Summer 2016 Hanskat
    OSHA?s New Crystalline Silica Rule? Potential Impact on Shotcrete Operations
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    Convert Peanuts into Gold with the Right Pump or Gunite Machine
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    Confined Space? In the Shotcrete World
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    Shotcrete Pool Inspection? Checklist
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    ACI Committee 506, Shotcreting? Activities Update
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    Nondestructive Approach for Shotcrete Lining Strength Monitoring
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    LRutt Contracting Ltd
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    Guide to Shotcrete
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    Comparative Evaluation of Transport Properties of Shotcrete Compared to Cast-in-Place Concrete
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    The Use of Slag Cement, Alkali-Free Accelerator, and Macro-Synthetic Fibers
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  • Spring 2016 von der Hofen
    East End Crossing
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  • Spring 2016 Bell
    Reinforcing Bar Shadowing and What You Can Do
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    An Approach for Improving the Sustainability of Shotcrete
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    Preparing for Vancouver?s Growing Neighborhoods?The New Mount Pleasant Hydroelectric Substation
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    Traffic Construction Safety
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    Shotcrete Reborn
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    Cold-Weather Shotcreting
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    Creating a Wine Cave
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    Changing a Culture Takes Time
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    Schwing America Inc.
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    The Need for Shotcrete Provisions for State DOTs
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    Steel Pipe: More Volume, Less Cost
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    Rethinking Shotcrete Mixture Design through Sustainable Ingredients
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  • Fall 2016 Samuels
    Women in Construction
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  • Fall 2016 Guarino
    New OSHA Rule for Respirable Crystalline Silica
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  • Fall 2016 ASA
    Monolithic Shotcrete for Swimming Pools (No Cold Joints)
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    Shotcrete Rising
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    Pneumatically Applied Concrete: A Confusion of Terminology
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    Misconceptions about Shotcrete?True Stories from ASA Technical Inquiries
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  • Fall 2016 Zynda
    ACI Nozzleman Certification and Underground Robotics
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  • Fall 2016 Profile
    Basalite Concrete Products ULC
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