ASA’s Contractor Qualification Program (CQP) establishes a shotcrete contractor’s qualifications through a rigorous review of the contractor’s past work by the ASA Contractor Qualification Review committee, whose members have extensive experience in successful shotcrete work. This qualification program provides a distinct service to the industry by assuring Owners and Specifiers that shotcrete contractors reviewed and securing ASA Qualified Contractor status have a proven record for the completion of successful shotcrete projects. The qualification is only available to contractors who self-perform shotcrete placement. “Basic” or “Advanced” qualification is based on past project complexity. This qualification program is established upon the ASA Board of Direction Position Statement #1, “Shotcrete Contractor and Crew Qualifications.”

Advanced Wet-Mix

Advanced Dry-Mix

Advanced Wet-Mix

All ASA Qualified Contractors must agree to this

Code of Conduct

“An ASA Qualified Contractor shall adhere to the following code of conduct: As an ASA Qualified Contractor, we agree to ongoing compliance with the requirements and standards set forth in the ASA Contractor Qualification Program description. We will not knowingly or purposefully violate any project specifications or requirements. We agree to maintain required insurance coverage, staff our projects with trained and certified personnel, and strive to produce a high-quality product in a safe and professional manner.”